Government Orders Schools to Comply With Michelle Obama’s Rotten School Lunch Program

How do you give this school lunch a cool name?
Would you eat this? It’s an actual lunch a high school athlete texted to his mother.

If the schools don’t strictly follow the USDA school lunch guidelines as outlined by Michelle Obama, they will be fined and they will be big. The government claims they will only fine in the most egregious cases but you know how that goes.

This is beyond ridiculous. The government has these sick looking vegetables and fruit bathed in preservatives that the children are told they must eat but they don’t eat it.

Her program is well-intentioned but big government shouldn’t be taking over the role of local schools. They can do it better.

Who are these people to tell us what to do and fine us? The government is supposed to do what we want. Most people don’t want this Michelle lunch program.

Michelle’s program has its own hashtag campaign on Twitter. When you search Twitter under #thanksMichelleObama, you get this photo of school lunches. It’s gross.




  1. I’ll be glad when the Obamas are gone from the white house and it can not happen soon enough. 2017 will be one great year when they are gone!! They have done nothing in this 8 years but cause turmoil and division everywhere in the USA and use our tax dollars for there many vacations! At least I can say I was not stupid enough to feed into there lies and vote for Obama!

  2. Michelle’s heart is in the right place. Childhood obesity is at record highs. Obesity is an epidemic in the US, and the thought process behind this is that if the Feds are going to supplement food programs then they aren’t subsidizing shit food. I don’t understand the big deal. If you don’t want your kid eating a school lunch, bag them one.

    • Yeah Bag a Lunch Her shit is that shit. I remember 125,000 years ago when a lunch was a lunch. made fresh not like this Government shit they call a lunch. My parents paid 1.25 a week for a hot lunch. I remember ’em they were good. I wouldn’t pay for THIS CRAP Michelle or otherwise. yeah lets see more waste at our expense. I don’t think that countries that are starving would eat shit like this

    • FYI Most if not all kids will throw Michelle Obama shit food in the trash. Have you seen the list of foods? Kids are not going to eat spinach, okra, collard greens, squash, beets just to name a few the shit foods that are on her list. I bet her kids don’t eat these shit foods on the list for lunch!! With the Michelle Obama shit food the feds will not have to worry about supplement food programs because all the kids will start packing a lunch at home and they can close the Michelle Obama shit food school cafeterias!! Michelle has her heart in no right place but does have her nose in every ones business where it don’t belong!!

    • Some schools don’t allow lunches because they don’t meet the NUTRITIONAL GUIDELINES!! Can you believe that!!!!!

  3. This shyt costs my grand daughter $3 a day for each of her children–they are hungry when they get home from the communist run public school!!

  4. Where the heck are the PARENTS sending their children to school with the PBJ sandwich and an apple? Less than a $1.50 to make and nutritious too.
    It is the school’s responsibility to FEED my child. It is their responsibility to challenge my child to learn.

    BTW, your child’s peanut allergy is NOT my challenge to deal with!

  5. I bet the Obama girls don’t eat the garbage they feed kids in public schools !!! I wish Michelle had to live on this garbage, she would soon change her mind…….

  6. This woman cost me more money having to make Lunch everyday , Michelle kids should eat it .

  7. I want to know what right Michelle Obama has mandating anything. Was she ELECTED to anything? Did the American people vote for her? She has no right to do this. Alot of children are afforded these school lunches because they are poor and some only get a meal there. If the food is something that the kids won’t eat, then they go hungry. I’m not saying give them poorly graded food. A sandwich with a salad and milk would work. Not too many kids will eat the vegetables that are listed. Come on people, get the government out of our schools

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