Government Tyranny in Tombstone


tombstone photo of Tombstone Arizona welcome sign

This story might not have to do with left v right though Jan Brewer is not very popular in DC. It does have everything to do with an out-of-control Fish & Wildlife Service and big government tyranny. Tombstone is in a fight with the forestry service in what has now become an important Tenth Amendment issue.

Fish & Wildlife is prepared to let Tombstone, Arizona die. They will not allow the residents to use mechanized equipment to repair damaged water supplies.

Wildfires destroyed much of Tombstone and most of their water supply. The city tried to repair the pipes but the government said they might hurt wildlife and they could only repair the water supply if they used farm animals and hand tools. Even a wheelbarrow was too mechanized and dangerous to the wildlife. Meanwhile, Tombstone is under a state of emergency.

Twenty-five springs need to be repaired. Fifty to Eighty percent of the town’s water is supplied by the springs and one well. As of March 23rd 2013, the government has allowed machinery to be used on only a few springs.

This is land that belongs to Arizona and private owners, not the federal government. The town has a shovel brigade that goes out each day on horseback to try to keep the water flowing.

The green extremists are thrilled that the water has been freed from the evil pipes to use their own words. Meanwhile, the animals the greenies are trying to protect were already killed by the wildfires but the greens are undeterred by that.

The Goldwater Institute is representing the town. They are trying to protect the town from our federal government. They have petitioned the district court to recognize that state and local governments have sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment to “freely respond to natural disasters without being forced to cut through federal red tape, and also to enforce property rights enjoyed by both citizens and local governments on federal lands.”

On Monday, May 27 2013, the courts ruled that Tombstone officials have not exhausted all efforts to obtain federal permits to use mechanized equipment.

The Goldwater Institute has filed an emergency appeal.

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