Government Wants to Seize a Privately-Owned Building for Illegal Alien Kids



The Peregrine facility pictured above is being eyed for a government takeover to house illegal alien children. The building is on Long Island but this is a national story because it is being played out throughout the nation.

The feds are looking at this former Grumman facility to see if it can house tens of thousands of illegal children in Bethpage Long Island. They are being brought to New York City, Upstate New York, and Long Island by ICE. They are being brought all over the country and there are many more than 65,000 youthful illegals.

It will be 65,000 on Long Island alone.

The government wants to grab private property to house them – people who don’t belong here. We will be responsible for their housing, education, food, clothing, everything. We the Taxpayers have been paying for their shots. We even pay for men’s large sized briefs according to one ICE ad recently posted.

Swine flu cases are cropping up among the children and adults crossing our borders and these children are not being properly checked.

We have many illegals in our schools now and they fill up our special education classes. Many go to expensive special education boarding schools. We have some in BOCES because they can’t be educated in the district schools. They are sometimes students with criminal tendencies or involvement. I’m not saying these children will be, I am only loosely describing the ones I’ve seen over the last two decades.

The fact that the border patrol is forced to allow gangbangers in does not bode well.

If the government can afford to send these children all over the country, they can afford to send them home. Better yet, after they reunite them with their families or if their families come to claim them and stay here illegally, arrest the adults for child abuse and deport them all. Anything less is an invitation to a continuation of this outrageous invasion of our borders.

On Long Island, the government is considering taking over Peregrine Business Park at 15 Grumman Road West. They haven’t even discussed this with the owner of the building by their own admission.

Peregrine is owned by Bethpage-based Steel Equities and they were about to undertake a $3 million renovation.

I can’t think of a better way to rid Long Island of businesses than to make them all live under the threat of Eminent Domain.

The government is arranging medical facilities, something they are not doing for our veterans or the many who can’t afford Obamacare, which by the way is going to see premium increases of 8.9% to over 22%.

The government won’t place the children in temporary shelters, according to Democrat Steve Israel who will undoubtedly welcome the illegal aliens. The school districts will be made to assume the burdensome costs.

County Executive Edward Mangano said, “The Bethpage site would not be suitable as environmental issues make it hazardous for housing children.”

The government has checked other facilities in New York, mostly upstate in areas already depressed that can ill afford them. They’ve ignored Scarsdale unsurprisingly. They tried to bring the children to a hotel they thought was empty but was filled with guests.

Newsday claims the children have been arrested. “Arrest” means they were jailed. They are not jailed. They are being cared for better than our veterans, some of whom wait 7 or 8 years for services. They are going to stay here illegally and become DREAMers.

The influx has overwhelmed the system Jeh Johnson said. Is that the goal? If not, why aren’t we returning, at least the adults, but also the children?

The network of shelters across the country are filled over capacity. Our air, forts, and naval bases have been converted into shelters. If we had a terrorist attack, what would we do? Our border patrol can’t man the border because they are taking care of these children.

The drug cartels control the border according to ICE so you know this is deliberate and it is managed. In the least, Barack Obama is a willing participant. He knows exactly what he is doing.


Update: 06/27/14: The Long Island site is reportedly out of consideration. The children are heading upstate, whether they like it or not.