Government Waste & Fraud Begins with the Government Efficiency Agency



Photo of GSA clown at $823,000 conference in Vegas

While sequestration was going on and with high unemployment, the GSA was making parodies and playacting in costumes at your expense. Judicial Watch uncovered at least 12 more of the GSA videos after they sued to get them.

GSA is the agency charged with overseeing government waste and inefficiency. In fact, their website claims they strive for operational excellence:

“GSA strives for performance excellence, continuous improvement, and the elimination of waste in all of its operations. GSA is committed to developing the acquisition workforce and deploying electronic tools to support the reform of federal contracting, and originating and fine-tuning the government-wide policies necessary for a truly modern federal government.”

Go to Judicial Watch to find out how they had to use FOIA requests and lawsuits to dig up more of the GSA waste, even though GSA claims to “foster an effective, sustainable, and transparent government for the American people.”

Embarrassing videos made by GSA include Mission Impossible, Rap Music Video, Jeopardy, the Leasefather, Sherlock Holmes and more.

I shouldn’t be too unfair, the GSA did cancel their gala Training Expo & Conference in Orlando.

The Rocky Jog video shows two employees flattering themselves and then at 04:15, they go into the Rocky Jog.