Governor Declares Connecticut a Sanctuary Then Illegal Alien Kills Mother, Kidnaps 6-Year Old


Connecticut governor Daniel Malloy sent memos to state authorities telling them to not abide by federal immigration law this past week.

Groups that work with undocumented immigrants praised Malloy for reaffirming a commitment to that community in the wake of memos issued by Homeland Security describing sweeping new guidelines to ramp up deportations under an executive order Trump signed last month.

“The message is loud and clear, the state of Connecticut will not allow the Trump administration’s racist and xenophobic actions to destroy our community,” Ana Maria Rivera-Forastieri, director of advocacy at Junta for Progressive Action, a New Haven-based organization that works with Latinos, said in a written statement.

Trump’s memos simply follows laws already on the books. It is the left, including Barack Obama, who have not followed the law.

A day or two later, an illegal alien was accused of killing his girlfriend and sparking an Amber Alert when he took off with their 6-year-old daughter. He was previously deported, immigration officials said.

“Oscar Obedio Hernandez, a citizen of El Salvador, was issued a Final Order of Removal by an immigration judge on Oct. 29, 2013,” said spokesman Shawn Neudauer. “He was removed from the United States by ICE officers in Hartford, CT on Nov. 27, 2013. He has prior felony convictions from 2002 for assault and threatening, as well as several misdemeanor convictions. ICE has placed an immigration detainer with the Bridgeport (Connecticut) Police Department.”

Police say her mother, Nidia Gonzalez, 26, was stabbed to death in a domestic dispute with her father. The mother’s female friend is in critical condition after the stabbing, police said.

They sent out an amber alert.

Hernandez, is the girl’s father and was later captured with the girl.

Malloy sent his spokesperson out.

“Our local laws are designed to protect our residents and also ensure that those in harm’s way feel safe seeking help from law enforcement. That’s why convicted violent felons are detained for deportation under our state laws that the governor has consistently and strongly supported.” said Kelly Donnelly, Malloy’s spokeswoman.

What BS. The Connecticut governor is a lawbreaker and should be hauled out in handcuffs. Why do the people of Connecticut put up with this? Follow the law!

How did the loons get control of the nation?


  1. A similar question I keep asking…”when did the inmates take over the asylum?”

    Any elected official, be it mayor, governor, who refuses to uphold federal law, SHOULD BE IMMEDIATELY ARRESTED. We WANT to see them in handcuffs doing the Perp walk. Just who the hell do they think they are? What happens when ordinary citizens violate federal law? Perp walk….

  2. Can’t help but wander if the way our state enforces it’s domestic abuse law might be part of the problem here.
    In the state of CT if you are the victim of a domestic attack and you fight back even scratch marks on a family member or some you have dated (the attacker) will be viewed as a crime.
    She may have had a history with this and been fearful to call for help due to that law.
    I myself fought of an attack from a family member in my home while I was pregnant. She wanted me to miscarry. She had scratch marks on her arms from me stopping her from throwing me against a wall. I was covered in wounds. I was arrested and convicted for domestic violence. I was told that I was not allowed to defend myself. I met several other women convicted for fighting off being choked or abducted by partners or exes.
    This law should be changed. Victims live in fear of calling for help. We punish domestic violence victims. It is referred to as a duel arrest law.

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