Governor Perry: Obama Doesn’t Care About What’s Going On At The Border


Gov Perry

Governor Perry

Barack Obama doesn’t care about what is going on at the border and the federal government isn’t going to do a thing about it – that pretty much sums up Governor Perry’s view which is why he is taking action.

Governor Rick Perry is taking unilateral action to close the Texas – Mexico border. This is a homeland security issue, a humanitarian crisis, he said. His state has approved $1.3 million a week to be spent on police, National Guard and local enforcement to secure the border.

Perry said until the border is secured, there will be no immigration reform.

The number of the people moving from Central America through Mexico – this didn’t happen by accident, Perry stated.

He said if there is a major event in Texas such as a hurricane, he can’t protect his citizens because the facilities are being used for this massive immigration.

He spoke with Jeh Johnson in DC this week to explain the gravity of the situation.

Perry said Obama doesn’t care about the issue and he has no confidence the federal government will do anything about it. Obama has not addressed this issue from 2009 to the present day:

Perry said yesterday that the administration is either incredibly inept or they are in on this:

Gang members are still being released. What about the people waiting to come here legally, asks Texas AG Greg Abbott:

Bill O’Reilly has called for a boycott of Mexico because of the abuse of the children.

Not only are the parents abusive, the U.S. government is abusive. Children are being used to promote a political agenda and abusive parents are willing to risk the very lives of their children. If you or I did this, we would be arrested for child abuse.

Obama is good at bullying and threatening the governors and did so back in February – click here. Obama’s DOJ sued Governor Brewer innumerable times when she has tried to secure the borders of her state.

It’s not that Obama doesn’t care. He care a lot – about opening the borders and erasing them on our southern border. He does it to secure a permanent Democrat majority.