Governor Walker Fighting for His State & His Life – The Unions Want Him Dead


“Let’s take these son of bitches out and give America back to an America where we belong.”(referring to Republicans) 

~ Jimmy Hoffa

The America Hoffa and his supporters want to belong to is one in which the unions want Republican Governor Walker dead.

Governor Walker of Wisconsin, a fiscally courageous Republican, has been attempting to scale back a financially failing state by eliminating some collective bargaining rights for state workers, union leaders, and others.

His plan prohibits unions from bargaining with the state for pensions and health benefits though they would still be able to bargain for salaries and benefits.

To date, Walker’s plan hasn’t hurt them in any way, and union claims of overcrowding in the classroom have been found to be false. Read Here: politifact

Walker’s life and those of other Republicans have been threatened.

Now he says this,

“They want me dead. I don’t think that’s an exaggeration,” Mr. Walker said in an exclusive interview with The Washington Times after a roundtable discussion Thursday at the American Enterprise Institute. 

He is up for recall with 540,000 signatures necessary by June 15th to put him back up on the ballot for the second time. Last attempt cost him two Senate Republicans which was a disappointment for him. The unions will get the signatures, especially since the courts have ruled in unions favor when obvious false signatures such as “Mickey Mouse” were questioned as legitimate. Read more: Voter fraud on Recall Petitions Allowed by Courts

Last time this happened, thousands of union workers and union bosses poured into Wisconsin from all parts of the country. He was dealing with a targeted union onslaught that had reaches far beyond Wisconsin. They took up residency in the state house, living in their own filth and shouting expletives and threats on a daily basis, with little reaction by the media to this behavior.

He is not asking for anything extreme and if even something like this cannot get done, what hope is there for our country to cut its deficits and start moving in the right direction towards fiscal sanity?

I have sent donations to Governor Walker and his colleagues. This is a fight for our country and he is a hero. Read more: Washington Times

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