Grab Your Hammers And Sickles, April 4th Is Almost Here


The thugs from the Communist Party USA and the thugs from the National Labor Unions are planning protests in Madison, Wisconsin and across the nation on Monday, April 4th. I’m sure the demonstrations will be mostly peaceful, at least that’s what the mainstream media will tell us. If you hope to fit in, bring your clubs, vicious signs, and your trash.

If you look at the mission statement for the Communist Party USA and the AFL-CIO, there is little doubt that they are closely aligned ideologically. They hate capitalism and their jealousy of the rich is palatable.

The irony is they are holding the rallies on the anniversary of the death of Martin Luther King and in his honor. It’s hardly likely that the Republican, Martin Luther King, would be happy to see his memory invoked for this cause.

Ironically, the Long Island rally will take place in the location that is the usual site for tea party rallies.Hauppauge Rally


Unions, Communists Join Forces for April 4 Protests

MacIver News Service | March 23, 2011

[Madison, Wisc…] In the wake of changes to government employee unions’ power in Wisconsin and elsewhere, The Communist Party USA is working in conjunction with national labor unions and other left wing political groups to organize protests in Madison, Wisconsin and across the nation on April 4th.

Scott Marshall, Vice Chair of The Communist Party USA said his organization is working with the likes of, the SEIU, AFSCME and others to make April 4th, the anniversary of the assassination of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., a national day of action.

“Support is beginning to grow,” said Marshall in an online meeting earlier this month. “A bunch of organizations already are hyping the idea of massive demonstrations on April 4th.”

The Community Party in particular has benefited from the recent debate over Wisconsin government employee unions’ power to collectively bargain, using the opportunity to build their ranks.

“In this struggle, the question of building the Left and building the Party has to come to the fore,” Marshall said. “Recruiting has picked up, more people are joining the Party and the broader left is getting bigger.” Read more here: MacIver Institute

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