Grand Mufti Wants to Destroy All Churches in Arabia & President Obama Is Silent

Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah

The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah, the highest Sunni religious official, who believes only Islam can be practiced in the region, said it is “necessary to destroy all the [Christian] churches of the region.” He was speaking to a Kuwaiti delegation after a Kuwaiti parliamentarian tweeted he wants to ban the building of churches and all non-Islamic places of worship.

The Kuwaiti MP Osama Al-Munawer tweeted that he will draft a law to ban all churches but will allow existing ones to remain.

The Grand Mufti’s pronouncement puts all the churches in the Middle East in danger.

If you read the responses on the linked article, you will be encouraged by the appropriate responses.

One response from a man named Ahmed –

ahmed, Monday, 19 March 2012 7:48 AM – k.s.a

The mufti may blabber any non sense…but why are the political heads silent? they agree with the mufti?…if not, isnt it expected of them to open their mouths

I would like to add, why is President Obama silent?

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