Grandma Hillary Can’t Comprehend Speech That’s a Teeny Bit Fast


Hillary confused

There’s something wrong with Hillary. She hasn’t been the same since she slammed her head on a bedpost or something. Trump’s observation is correct that after she meets with a handful of supporters at round tables or townhalls, she follows it up with days-long respites.

She also has trouble comprehending.

During her most recent townhall, she had to ask a young female voter to slow down so she could understand her but the girl wasn’t speaking particularly quickly. Hillary’s processing seems to be slowing down.

VOTER: “Hi, on a similar note, my name is Lisa [indecipherable]. I’m part of a group called Friends with Pastor Max. You have seen me before. ICE, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, has a reputation for —“

CLINTON: “Can you just slow down a little bit, I’m having a hard time.”

VOTER: “Sorry.”

CLINTON: “I want to hear you, so just slow down a little.”

It’s not that she couldn’t hear. If the speech was too fast, it’s because she couldn’t comprehend.

Hillary then went on to say she wants to end private prisons and detention centers because they operate on a profit. Someone needs to tell her they don’t recruit prisoners and have nothing to do with people being locked behind their prison bars. Hillary of course would want to end private everything because she wants government in charge of everything.

VOTER: “Right. So, Immigration and Customs Enforcement has a reputation for deporting people who are not on the priority list such as Pastror Max [indecipherable] from Iowa city, and also has a reputation for mistreatment women and children who are in detention centers run by private companies. So, I’m wondering what you would do to hold ICE more accountable and also to possibly bring back people who were unjustly deported from the United States.”

CLINTON: “Well first of all, let me say that I agree with you that we should end private prisons and private detention centers. I think that they have become — (Applause) — they have become — how can I say this — they actually have beds to fill in order to make money so they want to be sure that people are picked up to fill those beds. I don’t think that’s the way we should be running detention centers. And a lot of the private prisons are equally suspect on that count. I also believe that we should have better facilities for family detention for women and children. And I would, you know, certainly advocate for that. And I think we need to use more discretion in who we deport — violent criminals goodbye. As soon as we can get them out; people who are, you know maybe had a misdemeanor twenty years ago I think we need to have a slightly different approach and I know about the gentleman that you mentioned a lot of the people in the community that he was in for all those years have stood up and advocated for him. So I think we do need to be more careful about deporting quickly the people we need to get out of the country and being more thoughtful about people who are not risks or security risks to us.”

Watch confused Hillary:

She’s been confused at town halls before and not just at town halls.

Last month, State Department emails obtained by Judicial Watch revealed that Clinton’s close personal aide Huma Abedin warned colleagues that Clinton is often confused.

Abedin advised Clinton aide and frequent companion Monica Hanley that it was “very important” to go over phone calls with Clinton because the former Secretary of State was “often confused…”

On three separate occasions recently, Clinton demonstrated significant confusion that raised eyebrows:

Grandma Hillary is just too confused to be president.



  1. Actually, Hillary is wanted by the Egyptian government to answer to her “involvement with the Muslim brotherhood. – a terrorist group clearly. Now with that being said, when did the ” government” further “entangle” this nation with this religion? Why does the continued ” endorsement/establishment ” of this “religion” prevade our society through the ” offenses” claimed by “Muslim Americans”?? Aliegance Verified by these actions clearly. First amendment violation on a grand scale and still the dots remain to be connected. Our government has entangled us with this religion, who has done it and how, Bush with the family business, oil. Clinton, well that is so very obvious, a child could see it. Obama’s objective – stay true to the entanglement and establishment of this ” religion” at all costs clearly….

  2. Oh and this ” declaration of war” by the Democrats on the 2 nd Amendment, is to shift the focus away from the Fist Amendment, since this has come out. Odd that the Democrats would take this position given the fact that it was them, namely Obama, that reversed the UN arms trade agreement in 2009 and armed the middle East making rebellions civil wars where again, true to the objective would force the “government to take a position, shia or Sunni. Entanglement or establishment???

  3. http: is a conservative website whose only goal is to discredit democrats running for president at any cost. These newsstories about Hillary being slow or miscomprehending issues are openly biased in that manner. What about your clearly racist Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, keeper of the oppressive capitalist flame ? Do you really expect most Americans who love and respect the Constitution, to vote for him ? Get real.

    • How in the world can you support this liar? Everything in the story is true. She’s slow and confused a lot – start watching her objectively and you’ll see. Trump’s not a racist. He is bombastic and brusque.

      People can vote for whomever they like, but I don’t see how you can exonerate your candidates. A liar, a failed governor and a communist – what a group.

      • Hillary’s long time aide, Huma, whose family has strong Muslim Brotherhood connections, stated multiple times in emails to other aides that Hillary gets confused often. Those emails are only being released because of a lawsuit from a conservative/libertarian organization. If such emails became available about Trump they would be immediately broadcast 7×24 on all networks, declaring Trump to be incompetent for the job.

        The first big Hillary scandal I am aware of was in 1980. She was in charge of the Legal Services Corporation. After Reagan won about $220 million was not accounted for. Under Hillary Clinton, the LSC moved away from its legislated task of providing poor people with free lawyers and began an activist agenda to influence public policy through class action lawsuits. She became the chairwoman of LSC and directly violated federal law in spending over $360 million of funds intended for legal representation of the poor to political activism.

        Now 30 years later we see again huge sums of money unaccounted for. Her foundation’s books were so full of omissions that they are being redone.

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