Great Grandmother Selling Suicide Kits Pleads Guilty


A 91 year old great-grandmother was selling do-it-yourself asphyxiation kits from her home. She is a retired science teacher and decided to use her skills productively by making suicide kits as a sideline. The kits cost $60 or $40, depending on which report you read.

Sharlotte Hydorn, Ms. Death, is not in trouble for that however. She did something far more serious. She did not pay the taxes on the profits to Uncle Sam. Wow, how could she?

She admitted to making about $150,000 on the sales and first got the idea from watching her husband die of colon cancer in 1977. She did not screen her customers so she can’t really say she was assisting the suicides of terminally ill as Dr. Kevorkian had done.

In the end, her punishment is to pay the $26,000 in back taxes and promise to stop selling the kits.

Actually, in looking at this, I don’t think it would take a degree in science to come up with the idea for these kits.  You could just use a dry cleaning bag without going to the trouble of mail order.

The only real moral question here is will she ever evade paying taxes again.  That would be terrible.

Oh well, she is 91 and jail would be difficult for her. Reuters