Great News! First Costly, Government-Controlled Offshore Wind Farm, Always Requiring Subsidies, Creating No Jobs

Block Island Uglies
Block Island Uglies

Deepwater Wind, a private energy firm, put the finishing touches on the Block Island Wind Farm in August. They will cost each family $17,600, but the important thing is the government can say they are responsible for the first offshore farms and their crony business partners will make big bucks.

The privately financed venture could have been completed without the government but they wanted to intrude and speed up the regulatory process. When they want something, regulations suddenly fade away.

The government is passing out leases and stimulus grants as we speak. We can all pay double for our power!

The turbines are far from beautiful and are ruining the view they’ve had for 100 years and they are noisy. Many Block Island residents didn’t want it nor did the residents of Martha’s Vineyard who had more clout and were able to scuttle the plan. The political influence was with Martha’s Island, not Block Island.

Block Island grocery store owner Mary Jane Baber told the Courant that she’s been trying for years to get grants to connect the island to the mainland power grid, to no avail. Yet when a politically connected corporation wanted to build a politically correct power generator near the island, suddenly the grants and permits just poured in, the New American reported.

Block Island will eventually get a mainland grid connection as part of the project, but that will only add to its cost, already at $300 million, or about $17,600 for each of the 17,000 homes. Prices won’t go down because Deepwater has a 20-year contract with National Grid to receive 24 cents per kilowatt hour, though it’s already up to 30 cents, when the national average is 12.3 cents. And they will get guaranteed increases over the 20 years.

The islanders will sell some of the wind power to the mainland of Rhode Island and in return draw power from their generators.

There won’t be any jobs created, most of the parts come from European countries. Actually, let’s take that back. It creates jobs for foreigners, but that’s globalism for you.

The residents of Block Island are paying to enrich the investors of Deepwater and to give the government a “success story”.

The climate change activists will laud the plan that most won’t be able to afford for a zero benefit to the environment and at great expense for the residents of the island.

The need, Deepwater CEO Grybowski said, is due to the retirement of the coal plants, but it is Obama who is destroying coal in this country

The wind farms aren’t driven by need or want but by the government. They are here to help and for an uncertain science they are ramming down peoples’ throats with the end goal of having absolute government control over our energy and to redistribute our wealth.

The private firms who will get rich off the backs of Americans and the leftist politicians are the driving force.

According to the Courant, “This month, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker signed a law requiring utilities to buy a combined 1,600 megawatts of offshore wind power in coming years. In New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants half the state’s power to come from renewable energy sources by 2030, a plan backed by the state’s Department of Public Utilities.” Deepwater hopes to build over 200 turbines off the New England coast, including 15 near Long Island, to meet these politically imposed objectives.

Europeans are starting to close up their wind farms in land and sea. They found that the power they generate is not constant and they can damage the power grid.  The noise and the killing of birds are other problems. It’s also expensive to build and maintain them.

Germany which has large numbers of offshore wind farms has the highest electric rates in the world.

The Daily Caller reports: “The U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is currently investigating how green energy undermines the reliability of the electrical grid. FERC believe there is a ‘significant risk’ of electricity in the United States becoming unreliable because ‘wind and solar don’t offer the services the shuttered coal plants provided.’”

So, the government knows it’s a bad idea.

Germany is subsidizing the wind farms to the tune of $1.1 trillion plus.

Pushing this type of energy in combination with the government power grab over our energy sector isn’t about saving the planet, it’s about expanding global socialism and filling the pockets of the elite.

Renewable energy, also known as greed energy, is a wealth redistribution scheme. Money is taken from the taxpayers and squandered, for an industry created by subsidies and almost solely subsisting on subsidies as company after company goes bust.

Green jobs are not jobs. The industry raises the price of energy destroying jobs elsewhere. Green jobs only exist because of subsidies and at the expense of every producer.

For all the expense related to subsidizing wind turbines, there are fewer jobs being created.

Kenneth Green of American Enterprise Institute found that an equal amount of capital would create one job in the green sector and 4.8 – 6.9 jobs in industry or the economy in general.

Researchers have also found that the vast majority of green jobs created were temporary. Most of the jobs created (60%) end up being for installers or temporary work such as construction and disappear once the panel or wind tower is operative.

In Europe, according to the same article, “the anti-carbon and renewable agenda is not only killing jobs by closing steel mills, aluminum smelters and power stations, but preventing the creation of new jobs at hairdressers, restaurants and electricians by putting up their costs and taking money from their customers’ pockets.”

According to the Renewable Energy Foundation, the cost of the subsidies in the UK will in a few years equal 1% of the GDP, more than the EU economy grew this year.

By contrast, in the US, according to a report from IHS Global Insight, the gas revolution has created 148,000 jobs directly and 450,000 indirectly. By 2015, there will be 870,000 new jobs thanks to gas production.

The problem with the man-made global warming industry: on the basis of little hard scientific evidence (only computer projections), trillions of pounds, dollars and euros are being pumped into projects which make energy needlessly more expensive, cause tremendous environmental damage, slow down economic growth, stifle liberty and destroy jobs.”

If a product is good, it doesn’t need outlandish subsidies, the free market will take care of it. Simply put, subsidies amount to increased socialism and less freedom.

The wind and solar farms are growing throughout the world, not because of their effectiveness, but because of the subsidies.liberty


Deepwater Wind has been looking at leasing a turbine staging area at the city’s unused South Brooklyn Marine Terminal. New York City should be a great score, says Grybowski: “High energy prices, densely populated, impossible to build anything new.” In other words, another island full of suckers.

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