Independence, A Song By Reed Williams



Reed Williams

This song is enjoyable for the music, for the message, and for the feeling of hope it conveys.

Reed Williams has the following information on his site: –

“Reed Williams…

I am a middle-class Dad from middle Tennessee, and was helping my daughter study her early American history.

As we read about our Founding Fathers and their struggles to write the Declaration of Independence, and then The Constitution, we began to mess around with rhymes and lyrics. I dabble a bit in music, but am not a working professional.

However, after we sang an a cappella version I felt we really had something… so, I took several versus down to Music Row and had a pro cut some music to it. What we got back was more than expected. A song that really rocks our American heritage!

It is our desire that the song, “Independence”, be used to inspire our fellow citizens where ever they may gather.” Listen to the song here: Independence