Greece Isn’t Lost – Conservatives Win!

Greece in Ruins - AGAIN!

Hallelujah! The Greeks have renewed my faith in mankind – not a lot, just a little. The Greek conservatives (the New Democracy Party) have won enough seats to form a joint government.

This election was Greece’s second national election in six weeks. The fight was about pro-austerity-bailout and anti-austerity-bailout with the the far left insisting on a Euro exit and an end to austerity. [Sure, keep spending money on lazy good-for-nothings].

The Greek conservatives barely won enough votes, but they did win enough. They came in with 129 out of 300 seats and 29.6% of the Parliament so far. The radical left crazy wackos won 26.9%. The Nazi Party, the extremely crazy wackos, held steady at 6.9% and that is really disappointing.

For now, the fright of a Greek exit from the euro is eased.

They are not in the clear. Greece needs 151 seats for a majority and there is a serious question as to whether this can happen.

The leader of the crazy far-left Syriza Party called the New Democracy leader Antonis Samaras to congratulate him and tell him he will remain outside any coalition – great, wow, brilliant!

The next chapter will be a nail-biter.