Greedy Socialist Bernie Won’t Pay His Nearly $500,000 Debt


While the Caitalist President and his campaign have settled all their debts, the greedy Socialist Bernie Sanders refuses to settle his. He owes a whopping $450,000 in campaign expenditures he refuses to pay although he has the money to do so.

Bernie Sanders, currently under investigation for bank fraud with his wife Jane.

Bernie owes the police departments across the nation who provided security at his violent events. Bernie4President were especially violent, even verbally and physically intimidating Democrats like Dianne Feinstein who weren’t far-left enough.

And he has the money to pay but won’t.

The 90% tax rate candidate is a hypocrite who took every personal tax deduction imaginable to keep as much money out of government hands as possible. His own tax plan would not allow the deductions he took.

The man who never held a real job and lived off the dole until he became the Burlington mayor was kicked out of a commune in 1971 for “sitting around and talking” about politics instead of working.

His wife Jane is under investigation for providing false documentation to get a loan to purchase land for Burlington College while she was president. Whether she is guilty or not has yet to be determined but what is certain is her bad financial planning destroyed the little hippie college.

Bernie is the proud owner of three homes, one is a vacation home on a lake. Bernie lives like a Capitalist, refuses to pay his debts, and wants a different standard of living for others than the one he feels he is entitled to live.

Sanders plans to return to his creditors’ home state in late September to make an appearance at a California Nurses Association convention in San Francisco. Sanders’ return to California is due to occur roughly one week after the expected roll out of his single payer health care legislation, “Medicare for All”, aka StalinCare.

Bernie loves Castro and his healthcare system.


  1. The unpaid community police departments should refuse to protect Socialist Bernie should he come to their jurisdictions again. In order to get protection again, he should have to pay his current bill plus a paid-in-advance equal amount.

  2. Actually, it was better for Americans for the DNC to shut out Bernie so Hillary could continue on towards the general election without his constant ranting about free stuff………………although Hillary was just as guilty pushing her free two year college ideal. Bernie is a bleeding red Communist masquerading as a Socialist. His crazy Medicare for everyone would required nationalizing the U.S. energy industry to pay for it as there would be no amount of raising taxes on everyone to do it. Hillary would have been far more moderate but then she would have sold out the entire country for her own enrichment.

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