Growing Calls for Fox News to Fire Biased Journalist Shepherd Smith


Democrat Hillary Clinton gave a speech this past week that built on her successful 1990s campaign blaming the “vast right wing conspiracy” for her failings, only now she’s claiming Donald Trump’s supporters are part of a global racist “alt-right” conspiracy.

Hillary has no successes to campaign on and her hope lies in destroying Donald Trump.

Shepherd Smith, the Fox News commentator, who is no longer close to being a journalist, tried to lead his guest and asked him, Trump “trades in racism, doesn’t he?”

The guest didn’t bite.

Shepherd is a left-wing gay man who has been pummeling Donald Trump along with many of the Fox hosts including Megyn Kelly, George Will and others. Special Report’s panel is mostly a Trump-bashing commentary.

Without Ailes, the Fox Network which employs many liberals…most in fact…will look less like a network giving voice to the silenced conservatives.

All the networks are out to get Hillary Clinton elected. It’s somehow acceptable to not fulfill one’s role as a journalist when Trump is involved though they all promoted him one way or the other during the primary.

Shepherd didn’t fare well on Twitter as it blows up with calls to fire him and Megyn Kelly while they’re at it.

Here are a sampling:shep2






  1. I change the channel when Fox airs the Trump bashers. If I wanted to watch liberal biased ‘news’ I watch CNN or the traditional network ‘news’. Changing the channel hurts were it counts. Ratings go down which costs real money because the money they earn from advertising goes down.

  2. Please, these people are NOT Journalist. Smith is not a biased journalist. He is clearly a propagandist for the state. A lap dog doing as he is told at worst. A poster boy for failed critical thinking at best. Ignore them. I wonder what he will yell as they throw him off the tallest building.

  3. Next person who should be fired is Joy Beher from The View for her Hillary can do no wrong attitude and ignoring the counter points her co-hosts give out.

  4. Can’t stand Shep, Wish fox would fire him, He made me sick during the convention, He sounded like he was on drugs and kept on Trumps ass all the time, Fire him now………………

  5. Shep Smith is unbelievably biased against Trump, & an obvious Clinton supporter. He loves to point out so called negatives about Trump and “lies” he’s told (who by the way, has never put our national security at risk) but doesn’t mention the countless times Hillary has lied to not only us, the American people, but to Congress & the FBI as well (just to name a few). This woman should be in jail, not running for POTUS. I’ve never seen such UNfair & UNbalanced coverage of these candidates on FOX. Something I would expect from CNN or MSNBC…I think your at the wrong place of employment Mr Smith.

  6. I turn off or change channel when S. Smith aka Liberal loon is on. He is worse than watching MSNBC or CNN. He has definitely changed as I watched him many years ago and he seemed o.k. (that was about 8 years ago) when Obamy and his goon squad took over the U.S. and I stopped watching the news. I am not sure if it happened during this 8 years or I just never noticed.

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