Growing Sharia Courts Are Aimed at Infiltrating US Court System

Salah al-Sawy, mainstream AMJA “jurist”, expresses his patriotic views on US citizenship:
Salah al-Sawy, mainstream AMJA “jurist”, expresses his patriotic views on US citizenship:


There are  over 50 courts cases in 23 state and appellate courts that involve the use of the Muslim faith and its Sharia law. In disputes covering the gamut of business, child custody, property and criminal defense cases, Sharia’h is being sought in lieu of our Constitution.

A list and study of each high priority case can be found at the following website

Some state legislatures are fighting back but it is difficult with money from abroad being funneled through US-based non-taxable charities that support Sharia’h advocacy is US courts.

Islamists are taking jobs in universities, in business and are now in high level government positions. In fact, Mohammad Morsi, Islamist dictator of Egypt taught at Cal State Northridge to name one. Islamists  have gained entree to our courts.

The Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America ( a 501c3 was established to lead the Muslim community to a “better understanding of the practice of the religion of Islam in Western Societies.”

On their website Declaration, you will find the following:

..MJA members agreed that, in principle, it is prohibited for someone to assume a judiciary position under an authority that does not rule by Islamic law unless it becomes the only way to alleviate a great harm that is threatening the main body of Muslims. This is, again, conditional upon possessing knowledge about Islamic law…

…it is permissible for Muslims to serve as members in a jury proceeding, with the stipulation that their opinions be in compliance with Islamic law and with the intention to establish justice for all…

Sharia’h law affects all bank transactions and insurance for Islamists in this country. They must go through banks that are Sharia’h compliant and some US banks are Sharia’h compliant. 

Sharia’h compliant banks are required to donate two percent of their profits to Muslim “charities,” which are often jihad-related groups, because jihad is an inextricable part of Islamic doctrine. The widespread existence of such policies at banks ostensibly legitimizes Sharia law[Citizen Warrior, click here for the list of Sharia’h compliant banks]

Islamists believe insurance must be governed by Sharia’h and the US has their their first Sharia’h insurance company, Iman Insurance.

Salah al-Salwy, a mainstream AMJA “jurist” who is their source of answers to all jurispuridence questions under the topic “Fatwa,” on the aforementioned website, “Sharia in American Courts,” describes his views of US citizenship:

As for obtaining citizenships in light of circumstances of Muslims today who are residing outside the lands of Islam — on the condition that they do not accept indefinitely the law and legislation of that country and being indefinite belonging to the nation of the non-Muslim country so that they become loyal to all their allies and an enemy to all their enemies — and obtaining the citizenship is considered a required means in order to organize the affairs of Muslims who already live there while ensuring fulfilling vows and agreements between them and host countries, and exists due to urgent necessities and needs and this Muslim kept his loyalty to Allaah and His Messenger, then it would not be farfetched to say that it would be permissible.

Once entrenched, Muslims are told to ignore any laws that conflict with Sharia’h in all matters related to living outside of an Islamic Majority State.

US judges are currently considering Sharia’h law in our country over our own laws which should alarm people.

We are a land of laws and once that ceases to be, we lose our identity and freedom.

John Adams in Thoughts on government in 1776, said, “That the only valuable part of the British constitution is so; for the true idea of a republic is “an empire of laws, and not of men.” That, as a republic is the best of governments, so that particular arrangement of the powers of society, or in other words, that form of government which is best contrived to secure an impartial and exact execution of the law, is the best of republics.”

Atheists who see Christianity as the threat should take a good hard look at Sharia’h and its every-increasing role in our society. That is where the true threat lies.

House bill HR 973 is aimed at staving off the latest invasion into our legal system. It was introduced on 3/9/2011 and has gone nowhere. It amends the federal judicial code to prohibit federal courts from deciding any issue on the authority of foreign law, except to the extent that the Constitution or an Act of Congress requires such consideration.

This should be a no-brainer but it’s apparently not. You can write your local representative quite easily and tell him/her to move this bill along by clicking here.

It is not Islamophobia to retain the US laws and not allow a new government of laws based on a religion to crush our Constitution. We can’t let the opponents bully us into that line of thinking. It’s insane.

Seventy-six percent of Muslims vote Democratic. The Democratic Party is seen as Sharia’h compliant and their best hope of instilling Islamic Sharia’h law into our system of jurispuridence.

Read more from my source at the Last Resistance.

Check out this one case in Florida in which a judge cleared the way for Sharia’h law. It was discussed on The Five [Bob Beckel is the Democrat in the group, Greg Gutfeld is a comedian, Dana Perino was George Bush’s press secretary, Kimberly Guilfoyle is a lawyer, Eric Bolling is a conservative who specializes in political and financial commentary]: