GSA Wasteful & Lavish Spending



I can’t wait until the government is in charge of my healthcare and everything else that I do.

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) sets the standard for cost cutting and efficiency. Unfortunately, they have themselves engaged in wasteful and lavish spending. They just announced a new e-waste policy to flush other peoples’ waste. They should have established a waste policy for their spending. I don’t know if these are the people you want planning oversight of government waste.

The procurement chief was fired by the WH for a 2010 conference at a resort outside Las Vegas. They needed a head to roll but it seems like a lot of people should have been fired.

The GSA spent $820,00 – more than $100,000 just to plan a four-day Las Vegas conference for 300 people, $75,000 for 24 bikes for team-building exercises, $31,000 for a reception, et cetera.

The conference planners even hired a mind reader. I wonder if the mind reader told them they were spending too much.

…the GSA spent $820,000 on the October 25-29 gathering at M Resort Spa Casino, a cost that included pre-conference scouting trips, a “red carpet” dinner with “theatrical talent” and a post-dinner wrap party in a loft suite, according to an executive summary of the report made public on Monday.

GSA Administrator Martha Johnson submitted her resignation to the White House on Monday. The inspector general’s report first came to the attention of the White House in early March.

The report cited eight ‘scouting trips’ and pre-conference meetings that cost over $130,000 and travel by 31 GSA employees to the M Resort on a ‘dry run’ prior to the event as examples of excessive spending and waste.

Other questionable expenses detailed in the report include clothing purchases for GSA employees, tuxedo rentals and semi-private, catered parties in officials’ hotel rooms or loft suites. A $75,000 contract was also awarded to a vendor for a team-building exercise that included the purchase of 24 bikes, the report said… Chicago Tribune