GSA Whistleblower Ignored & Crimes Committed


GSA is the agency that keeps other government agencies efficient so what do you think the chances are that this is the tip of the iceberg? For now, we are concentrating on GSA but you know this isn’t the only culprit, which is why the government should not be allowed to grow out-of-control.

We already heard that the Obama administration knew about the GSA scandal for eleven months before they acted, but wait, there is more, it’s just gotten worse.

The latest news is that a whistleblower was ignored and the result of his whistle-blowing was bonuses for the offenders. As if that isn’t enough, one official fraudulently over-billed taxpayers.

Fox Business –

  • “Transcripts of federal interviews cite an unnamed whistleblower had raised concerns about ‘extravagant’ waste at the agency to the GSA board of directors, but there was fear of retaliation, of ‘being squashed like a bug.'”
  • “The GSA’s Las Vegas junket was not the first time the GSA blew taxpayer money on lavish hotel accommodations for federal workers.”
  • One “GSA official, who is not named, allegedly paid the lower $93 government rate for an additional night’s stay at the hotel, which costs $1,000 a night. But he then charged federal taxpayers for the full $1,000, and pocketed the difference, Reps. Jeff Denham (R-Calif.) and John Mica (R-Fla.) charge.”
  • “50 GSA officials got bonuses amounting to $500 to $1,000 each for arranging this conference, now dubbed the “Vegas Vacation,” which wasted taxpayer dollars. GSA workers also received “awards” that included free Ipods, gift cards, and DVD players. And the two Congressmen have documents that confirm GSA officials blew at least $1,000 for shuttle buses to the Vegas strip when there was no work function.”