Guess What’s Going On While Obama Is Pushing for One-Sided Treaties


Breaking News via bbc news: Israel has intercepted a ship in the Red Sea transporting Iranian weapons to Gaza, Israeli defense officials say. 

It is a fully-loaded weapons ship from Iran to Gaza. It was stocked with rockets destined for terrorist groups. Israel tracked the ship for months.

Jimmy Obama

Jimmy Obama

This is going on while the U.S. is pretending there is hope for a reasonable treaty with Iran who continues to accept the sanction relief and menace one of our few remaining allies.

As Ambassador Bolton said, “They cleaned our clocks” in the agreement. The Iranians claim we have a secret deal with them that allows them to continue their enrichment activities and leaves nothing changed.

They do continue to enrich, as they reported at their news agency two days ago.

Well, Rouhani is a moderate after all. He merely wants to eviscerate Israel.

At the same time, John Kerry is attempting to bully Israel into giving up land that would leave her unable to defend herself. That is all while Abbas refuses to negotiate at all. How about Kerry’s betrayal of Israel, click here.

Our Administration also threw this idea out there: give Palestinians control over the West Bank.

Thanks to our fecklessness, we have lost Saudi Arabia. They are of necessity forming closer ties to Iran. Read about that at Fars News Agency.

The UAE’s Abu Dhabi-based airline, Etihad Airways has erased Israel from their fight maps.

Iran builds its Navy

Iran is building its Navy to menace and increase its power

Apparently our foreign policy is to let Russia, Iran, Syria, and China take over the world.