Gun Confiscation Idea Comes From Those Opposed to Common Sense


confused Obama

At his press conference today, President Obama was asked about the long lines at gun stores since his administration started talking about gun control. Obama responded by saying that the idea of taking peoples’ guns is an idea ginned up by those who don’t want any common sense gun control or who seek financial gain. [It’s crazy that anyone would think he wants our guns!]

I wonder who would give us senseless people the idea that gun control might lead to confiscation? In the following audio clip, Cuomo mentions gun confiscation, something he has since walked back. Jump to 1:20 for the gun confiscation quote.

We have also heard Biden and Obama talk about using executive action to bypass Congress on the Second Amendment. Obama is willing to violate the Constitution so what else is he willing to do?

Obama re-instituted talks on the Arms Trade Treaty as soon as he won the election. The Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) is aimed at controlling American gun owner’s rights though the administration claims it is to control the illegal gun trade. The reality is that it will primarily affect legal gun owners.

Mother Jones, the Soros Internet newspaper, listed 13 regulations that need to be put in place.

Dianned Feinstein published proposed regulations on her website. She went a step further and said there were 120 weapons that should be banned but didn’t say which ones. One of them could be weapons with removable clips. There are any combination of weapons that could significantly impact sportsmen. She left it open and fanned the flames.

There are endless other examples, with many legislators demonizing the NRA and gun owners with the help of a complicit media.

So when Obama wants to know where people are getting the “crazy” idea that he wants our guns, he might consider what he and his administration have told us.

Just as an aside, a gun manufacturer bought the rights to and plans to promote his business with the new site. It is ironic but no more ironic than the fact that Dianne Feinstein, when threatened herself, went out and secured a concealed carry permit and did indeed carry. This manufacturer isn’t “ginning” anybody up, he is taking adavantage of the Obama gun stimulus that Obama has brought about.