Gun Control Advocate, John Kerry: Support the Arms Trade Treaty

If he were allowed to carry a gun, he might have had a fighting chance.

The Arms Trade Treaty is the name of a potential multilateral treaty that would control the international trade of conventional weapons.

Don’t be surprised by this next annoucement. John Kerry is supportive of the Arms Trade Treaty. That would be the treaty that is supposed to stop illegal arms trading around the world but is really meant to curb our Second Amendment.

The illegals arms trade is promulgated by the communist countries, not by the United States and we do not need to be included. It will restrict us and do nothing about the illegal trade.

There is absolutely nothing in this treaty that can benefit us. The countries who should abide by it, won’t. Will Iran? Russia? China? Venezula? Cuba?

John Kerry promised to be cautious and will not allow the treaty to infringe on gun rights in this country. He said each country will be able to set its own rules for gun ownership. We’ll see.

The negotiations begin next week.

The treaty would set international standards for the arms trade, create requirements to make that traffic more transparent and government officials more accountable. The US already has strong export rules, doesn’t need this treaty, and will end up spending a lot of money to implement this treaty.

International guidelines could be used to restrict sales and  imports to the US. The treaty could also provide a basis for Obama to tighten gun laws in this country.

The Socialist and anti-gun UN will be the central controller of the treaty. It will take more than John Kerry being cautious for it not to infringe on our rights.

Treaties supersede our Constitution. They must be ratified by two-thirds of the members of the Senate.

John Kerry is a man of many contradictions and his stance on gun control highlights one of them. There is a story of him out hunting with Howard Dean, talking about the need for an assault weapons ban and then picking up his shotgun and blowing two pheasant away.

He supports every imaginable gun control restriction along the lines of the Schumer bill. He supports the Draconian Brady Bill.  Can we trust him to be “cautious.” Does he understand what that means to Second Amendment adherents?

Full story at LA Times