Gun Control Rep. Wants to Promote Healthy Minds By Stigmatizing Mentally Ill Persons


Democrats are the champions of euphemisms and misnomers. First we had the Fair Act, Net Neutrality, the Affordable Care Act and now we have the “Promoting Healthy Minds for Safer Communities Act of 2014” introduced by Rep. Mike Thompson (D-CA), chair of the Federal Gun Violence Prevention Task Force.

There is nothing healthy or safe about it. They want to disarm legal gun owners to the greatest degree possible on the backs of people with mental illnesses.

Rep Mike Thompson

Rep. Mike Thompson

It authorizes the Centers for Disease Control to study “gun violence,” which is in line with the gun control agenda to misuse research and mold it into an attack machine against gun owners.

The bill undermines protections placed in Obamacare to prevent physicians from inappropriately collecting information about lawful firearm ownership. That’s been a favorite area of attack. Gun controllers want to put doctors in charge of our 2nd Amendment rights.

Thompson’s bill would authorize doctors to question “a patient about the ownership, possession, use, or storage of a firearm or ammunition in the home of such patient” no matter what the patient’s needs are.

The Atlantic ran an article last week summarizing a poorly-done study which concluded that doctors would be the best people to determine whether a person is mentally and physically fit to own a gun, even though the “study” didn’t prove his conclusion.

The media often runs articles that are in sync with the current liberal objectives. Instead of being watchdogs, the media promote the next area of assault on our liberties.

The bill seeks to expand existing “prohibited person” categories under the Federal Gun Control Act. Outpatient mental health treatment could be prohibiting, for example. Misdemeanors and past offenses would be included.

One can easily see people not getting the care they need because they want to keep their guns.

Grants would be dependent on states having certain gun control laws and procedures such as authorizing police to seize firearms and ammo of people they deem lack “impulse control”. There goes states rights again.

Persons involuntarily hospitalized for 48 hours for mental health reasons could “temporarily” lose their firearms even if there is no elevated risk. “Temporarily” is not defined and is overly broad.

The bill is expansive, vague and unduly stigmatizes the mentally ill even if they pose no risk. It’s very unclear as to how this promotes healthy minds.