Gun Grabbers Want to Disarm Your Emoji




The nannies in New York want to ban the gun emoji from all iPhones. It’s not enough to take our guns for these people. They’re relentless.

The New Yorkers Against Gun Violence want Apple to ditch the gun emoji and are asking people to tweet Apple CEO Tim Cook using the hashtag #DisarmTheiPhone to pressure him to remove it from the emoji catalog.

I tweeted the opposite of course. You can see my treasured emojis above.

Leah Barrett is the executive director of the gun grabber organization and she said it would be a good way to raise the issue and to make Apple put its actions behind its rhetoric.

What will they take away next? My french fry emoji because they want to control our diets? The dart board probably has to go. The cigarette certainly can’t stay on the phone.

They don’t want the gun, but it looks like they don’t care about the dagger or the bomb with the lighted fuse.

I hereby request that all gun lovers tweet Tim Cook #KeeptheiPhoneArmed.



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