Gun-Grabbing Dem Rep Won’t Join Moment of Silence for Vegas Victims


The left is using the Vegas mass shooting to demand gun control — all kinds of gun control from banning silencers to most rifles. At the same time some congressmen won’t honor a moment of silence for victims, the leftist doctors are once again claiming guns are a health hazard.

Democrat Representative Seth Moulton won’t join a moment of silence because it is, in his mind, “an excuse for inaction”. The representative from Massachusetts will boycott a moment of silence in honor of the victims.

He thinks because he’s an Iraqi war veteran he has the right to take our guns.

He’s not alone. Rep. Katherine Clark, another Massachusetts Democrat, will join Moulton in protesting the moment of silence, according to the Boston Herald.

We didn’t have even an hour without the left demanding gun control with Hillary Clinton one of the first to roll it out in a tweet.

His issue is so-called assault rifles which he wants banned. He was joined today by the leftist doctors.

The notoriously left-wing American College of Physicians issued a statement Monday labeling mass shootings a “serious public health issue” and calling for a ban on automatic and semiautomatic weapons in the wake of the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

“We must acknowledge that lack of a U.S. policy to address gun violence is the reason we have much higher rates of injuries and deaths from firearms violence than other countries,” the group said in a statement. Specifically, we call for a ban on the sale and ownership of automatic and semiautomatic weapons.

Yes, we are sure they do.

They want more government-funded leftist studies so they can prove it’s a health hazard. Meanwhile the private sector funds plenty of those.

In addition, that great sage Ariana Grande tweeted, “My heart is breaking for Las Vegas. We need love, unity, peace, gun control & for people to look at this & call this what it is = terrorism.”

That will do it – love and gun control.

The killer also had explosives. What ever will we do about those?


  1. What I would really like to see is someone like the woman who raked CNN over the coals with the mic in her face and tell the media what disgusting dirtbags these leftists are. If one of my loved ones had died there I would ONLY go on TV just to make that statement. These people should NOT be allowed to spew their hatred against such innocent people and Many in the media will not even call them out.

    The one video from a balcony caught a number of magazines emptied with seemingly 100 round magazines. It is unbelievable only 59 were killed. The amount of rounds sprayed would have one believe hundreds could have died. We don’t know the extent of the 527. Hopefully they will all recover and certainly never be the same.

    I missed it last night so am watching the RSBN live 5 hour show last night.

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