Gun Owners of America: Reid’s Gun Bill Destroys Gun Ownership





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According to the latest gun alert from the Gun Owners of America, Sen. Harry Reid’s gun bill S.649 can come up at any time in the Senate and it is far worse than originally thought.

The Veterans Gun Ban is expected and that clause forbids the sale or gift of a gun because of something you might not have known about the veteran. The sentence is 15 years in prison! This is a clause aimed at veterans and law-abiding citizens.

Unexpectedly, the bill includes the Schumer Universal Registry which bans private sales of firearms without permission from the government. It is the precursor to gun confiscation. It is similar to Cuomo’s registry and Cuomo has talked openly about gun confiscation. [Read about Schumer’s gun bill here.]

Reid might decide to move the bill under “regular order,” which means 60 votes will be needed to advance the gun bill. However, they can add what they want afterwards under a “motion to proceed.” They could throw in Feinstein’s Draconian ban, with only 50 votes plus Biden.

Democratic senators are being threatened, bribed and coerced to submit to the Feinstein ban and other extreme applications originally included in the bill.  They mean business and they want the worst possible bill. They are going for it!

This is how they got Obamacare through! Click here for a more technical explanation as to how this would occur.

The GAO also has heard rumors that the NRA is in talks to reach a compromise. I don’t believe that to be true but nothing would surprise me.

Full story and a link to contact your senators at Gun Owners of America