Gun Saves Worker After OK Muslim Beheads Employee – Updates


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By now, people have heard of the horrific death of an innocent food worker at Vaughn Foods in Oklahoma September 25th. Colleen Hufford, 54, was stabbed and beheaded by Muslim Alton Nolen who was shot and wounded while brutally stabbing 43-year old Traci Johnson. He tried to behead her with the same blade he used to kill Ms. Hufford. Ms. Johnson is in stable condition in the hospital.

Nolen was shot by off-duty sheriff’s deputy Mark Vaughn,pictured below, who heard the screams. He is also the company’s Chief Operating Officer.

Mark Vaughan

He shot Nolen in the act of attempting to murder Traci Johnson.

It’s an unspeakable tragedy. Colleen got up in the morning, got dressed, and went off to work. It was like any other day. She did nothing wrong. Nolen had been fired after trying to get fellow employees to convert to Islam.

Hufford was stabbed repeatedly, rendering her even more helpless while this coward, this evil monster cut her head off. The horror she felt is something her family will live with.

Ms. Johnson was seriously wounded to say nothing of the mental anguish she must feel.

It’s a shame Nolen was only wounded.

He committed the crime right after ISIS made three announcements telling Islamists in the United States to commit lone wolf killings.

The police have said that the FBI will “aid in the investigation and look into the man’s background because of the nature of the attack.” They are not certain if his religion is related to the crime.

Is this simply another case of “workplace violence” then? Are the powers that be going to cover it up for PC’s sake?

KWTV Channel 9’s Robin Marsh tweeted that he was shouting Islamic phrases.


Records show that Nolen has a tattoo of Jesus Christ on his chest and a tattoo of praying hands on his right arm, indicating that he could have previously been a Christian. Another tattoo on his abdomen says “As-Salaamu Ataikum,” which is an Arabic greeting by Muslims meaning “Peace be upon you.”

The Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma came out with a strong statement. Spokesperson, Saad Mohammad, told NewsOK he’s terrified of anti-Islam retaliation.

“They have this ISIS thing on their minds and now this guy has brought it to America,” Mohammad said of angry Oklahomans.

He’s right about the jihad in America sentiment but where is the outrage over the brutal killing of one woman and the attempted murder of another?

This was finally posted on the Society’s Facebook page at a little after 3 PM EST:

The Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City sends our heartfelt condolences, and prayers, to the victims and their families of yesterday’s tragedy in Moore, OK. This unwarranted act does not represent Islam in any shape or form. We condemn, and are 100% against, the heartless & unnecessary act committed by the suspect. We stand for justice.

A woman on Facebook who is believed to be the suspect’s sister wrote: “He is alive and doing well. Thanks to all praying warriors out there friends and family. To god be the glory! My bro is alive and just know that the devil is a lie. Please continue prayers.”

Media is reporting that Nolen was a recent convert to Islam but his Facebook postings, which have since been taken down, seem to indicate that he has been a Muslim for a while.

In 2011, Nolen was convicted of assaulting a police officer, escaping detention, and of committing drug offenses. He was out in two years. In a just world, he would have served 20 years. Why do these people get out of jail so quickly after committing crimes like this?

Muslims are converting prisoners and are recruiting the worst of the worst into their religion.

The loons at Wonkette think you’re a right wing nutcase if you suspect Nolen is a jihadist since he beheaded a woman shouting Islamic phrases. The left’s constant and undying protection of radical Muslims has led many of us to not trust the media or the authorities on this issue. Will we get the truth about this? I still have faith in the police and the FBI, if they are allowed to tell the truth.

Muslims killing in the name of jihad are routinely covered up like the case of the young man in New Jersey – Brendan Tevlin – who was shot in the name of Allah by a prison convert. Three others, including a gay couple, were also murdered by the jihadist.

One thing is certain, Nolen is a very evil individual.

The Second Amendment saved the life of Traci Johson who was about to be beheaded and who knows who else – we need to remember that.

There are no available photos of the victims unfortunately – or any information for that matter. There is only information about this animal.

911 call here


Updates: 09/27/14: Nolen was fired because he told people at work that women should be stoned for various offenses. His Facebook page was littered with Islamist writings, including “Sharia Law is coming.”

According to The Daily Caller:

Nolen’s Facebook “cover” photo appears to be of several Taliban fighters, according to a Google reverse image search . . .

He also posted images of Osama bin Laden and wrote in a caption on a photograph of the 9/11 attacks “A Future Prophecy Revelation 18:8 She (The statue Of Liberty) is going into flames. She and anybody who’s with her.”

On March 7th, Nolen added an image to his Timeline which shows a partially decapitated man with someone standing over him pulling his head back to show the wound. Above the image there is a quote which reads, “Thus do we find the clear precedent that explains the peculiar penchant of Islamic terrorists to behead their victims: it is merely another precedent bestowed by their Prophet.” Just below the image is a citation from the Quran, “I will instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off of them.”