Gunman Fires at Children, Grandmother, Kills 8-Year Old in Oakland


Alaysha Carradine   (Family photo) Photo of Alaysha Carradine, killed July 17, 2013 by a gang banger

Eight-year old Alaysha Carradine, known as Ladybug, asked her stepfather, Jesse Fowler, to escort her to her friend’s house for a sleepover. He walked with her until she was safe inside, but she wasn’t safe.

A gunman, perhaps more than one, rang the doorbell. Her friend opened the door and the gunman fired into the apartment killing Alaysha and wounding her 7-year old friend, her friend’s 4-year old brother, and their 64-year old grandmother. Khamel Hardin, the 22-year old uncle was not shot.

Fowler said he was still in denial that she was gone and mourned having to raise her younger brother without her. Her mother Chiquita Carradine did not know of her death when he spoke with the media because she was out of town.

Alaysha would have been a third-grader at Fruitville Elementary School in Oakland. The beautiful little girl wanted to be a model.

Alaysha is the 54th murder victim in Oakland this year.

CHILDREN SHOT Photo of Amara and Antoine York, shot and wounded by a gang banger in their apartment

Neighbors said several problem tenants live in the building.

There is no known motive for the crime and no one has described the killer. The killer was a gang banger.

The gun wasn’t responsible, white supremacists didn’t do it, local gang bangers did it. They shot to kill small children, a grandmother, and the 22-year old uncle.

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