GUNS! – Facts You Should Know


If you choose not to accept the fact that firearms are almost everywhere in the world, so be it.  For those of us with our eyes wide open, as many as 300 million firearms are owned and operated in the United States alone!

Of late, we’re hearing the cry for the elimination of all so-called “assault weapons”.  What these folks are referring to is fully automatic rifles, used primarily by the military.

Today, I’m going to show you a weapon that is common to military and security personnel almost everywhere in the world.  It’s the type of weapon that makes the so-called assault rifle look like a BB gun.  You’ve seen them in the movies.  Some have seen them prominently used by the Israeli military, and some of us recall this photo, taken in 1981 – almost 32 years ago!

A US Secret Service guard pulls an UZI during the assassination attempt on U.S. President Ronald Reagan.

The UZI was hidden between the agent’s body and his jacket.

The UZI is a miniature submachine gun, capable of accurately firing many rounds with just one “pull and hold” of its trigger.  It was designed and originally built in 1950 by Uziel Gal, a Captain in the Israeli military.  A number of improvements and modifications have taken place, including the development of an UZI that closely resembles the service weapon commonly carried by most American police officers today.

For more information on this weapon click right here.

For the record:  The purchase and possession of an UZI is strictly controlled by federal law.  But, they are out there and just like the “Tommy Gun” pictured below, they serve no useful hunting purpose – unless you want to instantly air condition a deer with fifty bullets.

For more background and information on the Thompson click right here.

99.9% of all Americans agree that this type of firearm should remain strictly controlled and not readily available to the general public for home or personal defense.  But don’t kid yourself.  Simply because you don’t see them, don’t think for one second that they’re not “out there”.  Wealthy firearms collectors own them and semi-automatic versions are easily obtained.

Here’s a YouTube video of a legally owned Thompson being fired at a gun range.  The shooter fires it first in the semi-automatic mode and then you’ll see him move the selector switch and fire it in full automatic mode, very similar to the way real assault rifles function.

In the wrong hands, these weapons would cause mayhem.  In the right hands, they are little more than toys being used for shooting sports.

Our readers should be very aware of the fact that information regarding the weapons used by 20-year-old Adam Lanza in the horrendous murders at Sandy Hook is still very much in question.  Mainstream media reports as to the number, type, calibers, location, etc., has been seriously conflicting.  We’ll wait until law enforcement personnel have had the chance to analyze and perform the ballistics tests before repeating those totally inaccurate reports.

The one weapon that we are reasonably certain of is constantly being described as “an assault rifle, designed for military use” – the Bushmaster .223 rifle.  As you can see by clicking here the constant reference to this weapon as an “assault rifle”.  In it’s factory condition, the Bushmaster .223 is no more an assault rifle than my personal deer hunting rifle.  Most of its appeal is its appearance; made to look like an actual military firearm, but still a semi-automatic – NOT anything like the weapons identified above.
I’ve have heard conflicting reports – some suggesting that the weapon used by Lanza had been modified to fire in full automatic mode.  If that’s true, he (and possibly his mother) committed even more federal crimes.

This weapon – like all semi-automatics – will fire one round each time you pull the trigger.  If Lanza had several 30 round capacity magazines loaded, it’s easy to understand how he could have fired several hundred rounds in a fairly short period of time.  The weapon offers very little recoil and that would make it even easier to fire rapidly.  As mentioned, we need to wait for the law enforcement report before we make any MSM type wild assumptions.

What needs to be understood is that this weapon, with the addition of a scope, is a very popular varmint hunting rifle.  Because of its accuracy, it’s also a popular target shooting rifle.

I hope this gives our intelligent Independent Sentinel readers a much better idea of the weapons being discussed, several of which will be included by well-meaning, but unintelligent legislators.