Hack Senator Pushes Government Towards Stringent Gun Control



Senator Schumer joined leaders of Metro Industrial Areas Foundation (Metro IAF), LICAN in the “Do Not Sit Idly By” gun campaign and together they are pressuring the Federal government, specifically the Department of Defense and the Army to demand gun makers make “improvements” to their gun distribution and production practices.

“The massive purchasing power of federal agencies, like the Department of Defense and the Department of Justice, can and should be used to hold gun makers accountable for a lack of gun safety and irresponsible gun distribution – and to change those practice for the better,” said Senator Schumer.

The Department of Defense is soliciting proposals from gun manufacturers for a $580 million contract to replace the current aging handgun models used by service members. Schumer explained that the federal government should use its significant leverage to garner vital information from gun makers and to prod them to improve gun safety features and their distribution practices, his press release read.

He’s demanding the same thing of the Army.

What he means by that, is he wants them to produce smart guns which can only be operated by the owner and which often need other devices to unlock them. They aren’t ready for market for a whole host of reasons.

In some cases, smart guns only fire when aimed at inanimate objects which kind of ruins the whole self-defense thing.

This is new technology and in addition to the power source failing, the computer could fail. Authentication technology has a long way to go. Guns that require a special watch or ring or whatever end up being useless for self-defense. It would also allow a criminal to grab the watch or ring and use the gun. Some smart guns use biometrics and they are slow and often wrong. There are times when someone else needs to use the gun for self-defense. Then there is the fact that the government would be able to track gun owners. Oh, and by the way, you can hack them.

None of this will stop criminals or the crimes they plan to commit.

Can you imagine how that will work in war?

He is demanding gun manufacturers spend extensively on smart technology research and development.

He also wants more extensive background checks, closing of alleged loopholes including purchasing of guns among family members, and shut down so-called “bad apple” retailers.

The Brady Campaign and Governor Andrew Cuomo are demanding the Justice Department scrutinize so-called “bad apple” merchants who sell many guns that end up in the hands of criminals.

The alleged “bad apple” retailers are based on a 15-year old ATF report, “Commerce in Firearms in the United States, February 2000,” that says “90% of guns used in crimes were supplied by just 5% of dealers.”

Ammoland explained that the Brady Campaign has for just as long knowingly misinterpreted the ATF’s trace data in this report. In fact, the unsuccessful Brady Campaign-backed municipal lawsuits that sought to drive the industry into bankruptcy in this period were predicated on the misuse and distortion of ATF trade data.

A large share of guns used in crimes traced back to one location does not mean that retailers are “bad apples.” There are so many other factors such as the area the store is in, the number of times a gun changed hands, whether it was stolen, the volume of sales of the particular store could be large, and so on. The Brady Campaign failed to mention that the time span between when a traced firearm was legally purchased and when it was used in a crime, is about 11 years.

The ATF even said in a 2003 release that the report was being misstated.

The group Schumer has joined – DoNotStandIdlyby.org – pretends they are not an anti-gun group, but rather they are just dedicated to reducing crime, yet everything they do is about making it difficult to manufacture and sell guns. The deception by these gun groups knows no bounds. They are also pushing the expensive and inaccurate smart gun technology.