Hail Lenin! Hail Stalin! Is This Part of the Russia Reset?


Stalin killed tens of millions of people. The 5’4″ Stalin had a withered arm, a clubbed foot and a face scarred by small pox, and he was one of history’s most prolific killers, killing about 40 million people. Lenin killed a mere 30,000 dissidents.

Lenin and Stalin are back!

Russia celebrated Defender of the Fatherland Day with people marching around photos of the two murderous dictators.

lenin and stalin

Also known as Red Army Day or Navy Day, the day honors military achievements and veterans.

Donetsk, Ukraine celebrated the day too now that it is part of Russia in the fast shrinking nation of Ukraine.

They even honored Barack Obama. The words on the model of a missile read “Privately to Obama (Rashkin)”

privately to Obama


Russian Communist-Stalin supporters.

Russian commie supporters


How’s the reset going Hillary?


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