Hail Murderous Marxist Revolutionary, Che Guevara, So Says the EPA


When our government officials are not quoting from the mass murdering communist, Mao, or hiring communists, they apparently believe it appropriate to use Che Guevara’s image to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. Are they pandering to the left wing of the Hispanic community such as La Raza who hope to take back the Southwest?

The image above, which was plagiarized from Buzzle.com without attribution, was put on a letter distributed to EPA employees by one Susie Goldring at the start of Hispanic Heritage month. The letter then went on to talk about the warm and loving qualities of the Hispanic people.

Foreign Relations Chairwoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla) blasted the EPA for the “Che image which is an insult to countless people who lost family members because of his evil and twisted acts.”

The following statement was issued by Ileana Ros-Lehtinen:

I am aghast and upset that a federal agency would send an email depicting el Che Guevara in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. This Administration just doesn’t seem to get it. The image of Che is an insult to countless people who lost family members because of his evil and twisted acts.

El Che was a blood thirsty, vengeful, cowardly, sadistic, two bit delinquent who used his position as enforcer in chief of the Castro brothers to send countless innocent persons before the firing squads. His role in the early part of the disastrous calamity that befell the Cuban nation known as the Castro Revolution is well documented and those who ignore it do so willingly so as not to tarnish their love affair with the dictatorship of the Castro brothers.

Surely, the EPA could have chosen the image of a Hispanic person who really possessed the attributes that showcase our proud Hispanic heritage. This sad and unnecessary episode encompasses all that is wrong with this Administration: Their priorities are backwards and their allegiances border on the fringe of society with a leftist fanatical slant that is worrisome and not descriptive of our great nation.

UPDATE: An EPA spokesperson sends this statement about the email:

“The email was drafted and sent by an individual employee, and without official clearance. Shortly after sending the email in question the individual apologized to her colleagues for the inadvertent error.”

That’s always what the government says when they’re caught.

The EPA echoed their love of communist revolutionaries but had to quickly walk it back.

What’s not communist-like about the EPA these days? They have revolutionary powers to steal land from individuals with trumped up reasons (ex. Sacketts vs. EPA). The EPA destroys companies, like all the coal companies as one example. They have their meathooks into oil and natural gas with their deceitful and unreasonable campaign against fraking. There is so much more.

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