Hamas Goes Green – Courtesy of $100 Million U.S.D.


Nothing like giving away a cool $100 million to a terrorist organization that hates us and which recently formed with another terrorist organization to become an even worst terrorist organization that hates us. Even in Obamanism, this must be a new record for inexplicable spending.

A week after the Palestinian Authority entered into a unity government with Hamas, the U.S. blared the insane news that we are giving Hamas $100 million to build environmentally, socially sustainable Palestinian buildings.

No building allowed in Jerusalem, but Palestine can build, build, build…green of course, with OUR money – Why?

The U.S. government is spending $100 million over five years to construct environmentally and socially sustainable buildings in the Palestinian Territories through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

The colorful Safeer Center, a West Bank child care program, was one of the first to open. Its energy-efficient insulation (visible through a small cutout), rainwater collection system and temperature-regulating window shades provide a healthy facility for more than 3,000 children.

Other projects include a school built to meet stringent third-party-verified “green” certification standards and a community center. These and others provide models for efficiency in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, where the mostly imported energy is expensive…Read more: US Embassy