Hamas Murders Suspected Spies With Barbaric Brutality


Hamas must be more civilized than us because they simply torture and murder people on mere suspicion and we, forgive my saying the words, have water-boarded people.

The AP posted a story today [probably from CNN’s Anderson Cooper since he has it on tape] of masked gunmen (Hamas) pulling six men from a van on Tuesday, forcing them to lie down on the street and then shooting them to death.

As five of the bodies lay in a pile, a mob stomped and spit on them. They tied the sixth body to a motorcycle and dragged the body through the streets as hateful people screamed, “Spy! Spy!”

Hamas posted their names on an electric pole and took credit for the violent murders based on who-knows-what evidence, if any.

Israel allegedly has a network of local informants to identify targets and these murders took place after a targeted bombing, according to the AP (Associated Pravda). If you want to believe the AP, that’s fine, but the AP has demonized Israel.


We are beginning to live in George Orwell’s 1984. He merely had the date wrong.

We are not getting the news or we are getting our news “cleansed.”  We know that the news is often run past the White House before it goes to print and we use PC language (newspeak) to explain events.

As an example, living on Long Island, I know that what the news reported about our recent Hurricane Sandy and what actually happened did not coincide.

For example, the looting in the hardest hit areas was rampant and out-of-control. The Marines and National Guard came in primarily to stop it but the jargon put out for the public was that they were there to help relief efforts.

In Coney Island for instance, one van of thieves crashed through the iron blinds of a pharmacy and stole the drugs. Another crashed into a bank though it is unlikely they got much there. The same was done to a number of stores. Robbers were walking in-and-out of stores and homes taking whatever they wanted to take.

The police had to allow the thieves to run rampant because if they got into a gunfight, the chances are too high that Police Chief Kelly would lock them up instead of the perpetrators. Police are currently or have been on trial under those exact circumstances.

None of that was in the paper and the AP certainly didn’t notice.

FEMA is getting accolades for the fine job they did on Long Island when in fact, they didn’t appear for a week, and when they did, they were prepared with nothing – no fuel, no water, no food, and no clothing. The narrative has been rewritten by Pravda.

That’s just my recent personal experience.

We cannot believe what we are reading.

What we can believe is that six men were savagely murdered and we are made to believe they are to be pitied.

We can also believe that Hamas is engaged in mass murders which are not being reported by the media.


photo via director blue

Hamas is believed to be murdering Fatah, civilians and youth:

The real Gaza 2010, not as impoverished as the media would have us believe: