Hanoi Kerry as Secretary of Defense Can Help Obama Destroy US Defense


The New Soldier was published in October, 1971, by Vietnam Veterans Against the War, a group which attracted the most extreme elements of society. Many never served, many were never in Vietnam, and many were deserters though they all claimed to be Vietnam Veterans. Anyone around at the time looked upon them with great disdain, anyone normal that is.

John Kerry wrote one section of the book.

“The New Soldier” documents what VVAW called Operation Dewey Canyon III. This pseudo-operation, “a limited incursion into the country of Congress”, was basically a series of demonstrations, marches and street theatre designed to protest US involvement in the war in Vietnam. In one activity, Vietnam War combat veterans, wearing uniforms and carrying unloaded weapons, enacted for astonished visitors to Washington, DC, the actions common to descending upon and sweeping a Vietnamese village for enemy combatants. This theatre was performed on Constitution Mall, under heavy police supervision.

John Kerry made his bones on the extreme anti-war movement, making a big splash throwing away medals he likely didn’t earn. He hung out with the likes of Hanoi Jane and Bill Ayers.

Appointing him Secretary of Defense would be an egregious error and a disgrace to the military.

John Kerry’s group, Vietnam Veterans Against the War, included Black Panthers and at least one tour was funded by Bill Ayers who also helped fund the first flotilla against Israel. He was friends with domestic terrorist Ayers, traitor Jane Fonda, and many other domestic terrorists of the late 60’s and early 70’s.

This is the man Barack Obama wants for Secretary of Defense. Does Obama have to be any more obvious about who and what he is?

Obama is destroying our nuclear weapons with an end-goal of 0% nuclear arms. He wants a small arms treaty with the UN aimed at our second amendment. He left men unprotected in Benghazi and then lied about it. Our men in Afghanistan are dying as a result of blue on green crimes, a situation he helped create by announcing our departure date.

He is not the man for our country if we hope to remain free and strong.