Happy Independence Day From Barack If You’re Illegal Or Muslim



Branco cartoon via Legal Insurrection

Mr. Obama has sought to divide us on Independence Day and he’s doing a fine job of it.

When Mr. Obama railed against Republicans this week in a presser because they were not putting an amnesty bill forward. It was in the wake of two losing SCOTUS decisions and that probably made him a bit testy.

He ended his insulting speech with a Happy 4th of July message almost solely directed at illegal would-be immigrants who have served our country. They do deserve our thanks and I certainly wouldn’t want to demean their service.

However, what about the rest of us who are citizens? I didn’t hear Happy 4th America from him.

What I heard was accolades for immigrants and a demand that citizens realize we are only a nation of immigrants – that seems to be all that makes us special. He ended with his collectivist mantra, that is supposed to be inspiring: “The sum is greater than all of its parts. We won this country’s freedoms together, we built this country together…” Normally, I’d think that a good message but from a collectivist, all I hear is “You didn’t build that.” There is no room in Obama’s thinking for individualism.

Listen to his comments:

When he claims we are all in this together, he means his voting blocs only. He uses the words of unity to divide us.

A perfect example is his blaring announcement that he is celebrating Independence Day by going to a Mosque.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest announced that President Obama will be visiting a Washington D.C. area Mosque on the morning of July 4th as a goodwill gesture to Muslim Americans.

That’s fine on the face of it. We all want Muslims to have a very Happy Independence Day and appreciate the meaning of the day.

Several influential Muslim leaders have been invited to attend the cookout, as a further gesture of goodwill.

American Muslim Ahmed Mohamed Usman, who will be attending the cookout with the undocumented soldiers and wounded warriors, praised President Obama’s decision. In an interview on NPR, Usman had the following to say:

“America is supposed to be the land of freedom and of tolerance. Finally we are starting to see this. If America has Christian prayer breakfasts, so must it have breakfasts praying to Mecca. If America is to put the 10 Commandments on display, so must she display the Quran. To be welcomed into the highest office of America to celebrate her birth and independence is an honor and is a step for Muslims in America to begin to establish our rights. President Obama is truly opening the door for Muslims in America.”

Mr. Obama does more than open a door. He hopes to give them serious political power because they have become one of the Democratic party’s voting blocs. He has divided us from Muslims, many of whom should be conservatives.

I don’t know anything about those invited to the cookout but Islam is not known for its tolerance, especially of Christians and despite Mr. Obama saying we are a Muslim nation in one interview and a secular nation in a speech, we were founded on Christian-Judeo principles. Much to his chagrin I’m sure.

It would be nice if Mr. Obama actually gave us all appropriate and equal time, uniting us, not dividing us on Independence Day.

Well, Happy 4th, undocumented soldiers, illegal immigrants and Muslim America. The rest of you…oh well.