Hard-Left, Michael Moore, Soros Plan Mass Protests Dec. 19 and Inauguration Day


Update at the end

Michael Moore has been tweeting hate, chaos and anarchy. He’s dangerous and has some truly ugly friends.

Michael Moore has joined with the hard-left, planning mass protests in D.C., New York and other major cities on Inauguration Day to block major thoroughfares. He’s also teamed up with protesters this evening and tomorrow who hope to change the minds of members of the Electoral College. They hope to destroy the electoral process.

The coalition includes The Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC), Democracy Spring, Americans Take Action, and other leftist organizations.

A news release from PCCC went out to the hard-left minions that said, “Thousands of Americans will be protesting nationwide on Dec. 19 while the Electoral College goes to cast their votes, urging electors to respect the will of he people and vote for the winner of the national popular vote,”

The release claimed “70 Electoral College” members want an intelligence briefing about the alleged Russian hacking before the vote.

All but one appear to be Democrats.

Soros’s ANSWER Coalition is involved as is Vogue Magazine. Vogue is organizing a march on D.C. The ANSWER Coalition is raising money for the protests  at crowd wise.

This is what is printed on the ANSWER website:

This is not a reality for everyone, however. All across the country, many people will spend this holiday season under a cloud of confusion, isolation, fear and anxiety. They may be the victims of hate crimes or the targets of xenophobic, racist, sexist, anti-LGBTQ policymakers, especially now as the Trump agenda is set to be introduced in January.

For many people this is also a season of giving. We ask that this year you give the gift of hope and strength to those in your community by supporting our effort to Help Build a Massive Protest at Trump’s Inauguration.

On January 20, tens of thousands of people will come to Washington, D.C., to protest at Trump’s inauguration to send a message that racism, sexism and xenophobia will NOT “make America great again.” Buses cost thousands of dollars, as does the cost of printing flyers, posters and signs.

Update: The leftists don’t come out in cold weather.


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