Hardcore Leftist Organization Behind DREAMers


Politico is promoting an extremely large open borders organization that is using the DREAMers as a path to legalizing all illegal immigrants currently in or soon-to-come to the United States. It’s the camel’s nose under the tent.

Americans seem unaware that the ultimate goal of the hardcore leftists is to bring in enough future Democrat voters to put the nation under one-party rule. They use the sympathy aspect to win over the multitudes. In the end, we can all be California.

Politico reported that the DREAMers came out of the shadows in 2012 — “speaking out, staging demonstrations, building alliances and hounding lawmakers to expand their legal foothold in the United States”.

“Our community fought way too hard to get to this moment,” said Adrian Reyna, an organizer for United We Dream, the largest of the immigrant youth organizations, on a conference call with more than 6,000 members from across the country on the night of September 5. The discussion was partly group therapy to console frightened DACA holders, some of them sobbing. But mostly it was a call to the ramparts. “We are resilient,” Reyna reminded them.

“We’re ready,” hundreds of voices shouted down the line as they protested the cancellation of DACA [with a six-month delay].

The article proceeded to talk about the productive DREAMers — only the productive — and the alleged grassroots movement.

Describing itself as a “nonpartisan” network of 52 affiliate organizations in 25 states, United We Dream (UWD)—with thousands of members across the U.S.—professes to be “the largest immigrant youth-led organization in the nation.”

It was formed by the National Immigration Law Center in 2008. They advocated for the DREAM Act and for illegals to have the same rights as citizens in education, including receiving college grants and scholarships.

In the interest of social justice and inclusion, they demanded rights and citizenship for DREAMer families and for all people here illegally, which is a lot more than 11 million people.

They claimed deportations are “senseless” “abuses” and demanded fees for citizenship be dropped. They have many franchises, including the The Education Not Deportation Project and the Queer Undocumented Immigrant Project.

They have co-opted the black Civil Rights movement and hold We Shall Overcome protests.

Other UWD priorities are enumerated in the organization’s Platform for Change and Principles for Reform, both of which call for illegal immigrants to be granted a host of rights and protections that are deemed “necessary to live life and prosper in the United States.”

Foremost among these are the right to a driver’s license, to a professional or commercial license, to a passport (so as to be able “to visit family in other countries”), to health care, to “safe [and] fair” working conditions, and to “equal protection under the law.” UWD also demands “an end to excessive and costly immigration enforcement policies which separate families and divide communities, such as ‘Secure Communities,’ E-Verify, 287G, and roadside checkpoints.”

On November 1, 2015, some 50 to 100 UWD protesters staged a rally in Harris County, Texas, demanding an end to the detention and deportation of criminal illegal aliens—on grounds that detentions and deportations would cause family members to be separated from one another.

They are funded by the hard-left Proteus Fund.

Their umbrella organization, the National Immigration Law Center campaigns — effectively — for sanctuary cities, welfare benefits for illegals, demonizing ICE and promoting biased views of racial profiling and they incorporate all else representing open borders.

If the DREAMers were so hard working, why didn’t they work hard to get here the legal way or even apply for citizenship?

We should blame Barack Obama for DACA:

If you just read the Politico article, you will read a sob story and stories of success, you won’t hear about the hardcore leftists behind the movement and you won’t get the real facts. The Sentinel would support a DREAM Act if it did it on a case-by-case basis and fully screened every applicant.

Are we a nation of laws or emotions? Not all DACA are doing well:  The Center for Immigration Studies reports that 73% of DACA are living in low-income housing, 21% dropped out of high school, and 51% were unemployed before DACA.

Ending DACA will open up 700,000 jobs for Americans according to The Zuckerberg Group.

Leftists behind DREAMers have appeared to have won this battle. President Trump has already expressed his desire to sign a DREAM Act into law.