Harvard Professor’s Plan for Hillary to Take Over the Presidency


Harvard University professor Lawrence Lessig is an irrational professor who envisions a leftist United States in our near future. He wants Hillary to lead it and has a plan to put her in the White House.

Lawrence Lessig, not afraid to embarrass himself

This man who influences his students’ thinking since they probably look up to him as some kind of sage, believes in: taxpayer funded Planned Parenthood, implementation of a single-payer health care public option within ObamaCare, increase of the minimum wage, elimination of our 2nd Amendment rights. He opposes First Amendment rights as defined in Citizens United and he does not want voter ID, and so much more.

Not only is he hard-left but he has also come up with a convoluted plan to replace President Trump with Hillary Clinton in an article for Newsweek titled, “How Hillary Clinton Still Can, And Should, Become President After the Trump-Russia Investigation.”

His bizarre plan to make Hillary president does make one wonder how someone like this can get a job teaching at Harvard. This is the plan: If Trump colluded with Russia, he has to resign or be impeached; then VP Pence gets the job but he can’t keep it because Russia indirectly helped him too. After Pence resigns, Speaker Ryan gets the job but Ryan must be honorable and turn the keys over to Clinton.

Lessig’s a very desperate man obviously.

These leftists counted their chickens before they hatched and foresaw their final takeover of the country when it was snatched out of their hands at the 11th hour. Leftists, who control the Democrat Party, do not believe in the rule of law or the Democratic process.

Hillary lost and should never have been a candidate with her history. She couldn’t even run a campaign; has no background for any of the government positions she has had; and she is a bald-faced liar who lost twice. This professor thinks she deserves to be handed the keys.



  1. Try this: Trump gets impeached and is removed from office. Pence becomes president. He doesn’t have a VP until he nominates someone. Of course all this is going to take awhile. So, let’s say this all happens a year from now just before the 2018 elections. Trumps “drain the swamp” campaign works and he gets full control of the House and Senate without worry of being overturned. Then Pence delays the announcement of his VP until after January 3, which is the day the new House of Representatives and Senators are sworn in, then the votes are in place. Pence gets the House to vote Trump as Speaker of the House. The Speaker does not have to be a member of the House of Representatives. Then Pence makes an announcement of a major press conference. It’s not to nominate a new VP but he resigns the presidency. Since there isn’t a VP the next person in line for the presidency is the Speaker of the House … Donald Trump. All of this can be done in less than a week. Pence then can become Speaker of the House as a more influential position for the Trump administration and Trump can nominate whoever he wants to be Vice President. Time this right and the Democrats can impeach Trump and he can end up right back in the White House and there’s nothing they can do to stop it once the swamp is drained. And the best part, it’s all perfectly legal.

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