Healthcare.Gov Contractors Testify – the Government Didn’t Listen


genius behind Obamacare

Obama pictured promoting a ‘stable and secure health care event’ to throngs of admirers (his face was morphed but he was a speaker at this event.)

The contractors testifying at a Senate hearing today pointed all blame at the HHS computer techs. The contractors said they did their parts well and that they shared all their concerns about what was going on at the website with HHS.

One contractor warned that the site needed to be tested. It was tested at the last minute – two weeks before – but not beta tested. The contractors all said they did their job but the government workers were supposed to pull it all together and didn’t.

One contractor was in touch with the government continuously and warned them it was not working. According to this contractor, the government workers claimed they knew what was going on and were working on it.

One contractor tried to sign up as an applicant and he couldn’t. He notified the government.

CGI is attempting to place all the blame on the government which may or may not be accurate. has problems beyond the technical.

The government website does not allow people to browse without setting up an account first. That helped overload the system allegedly.

‘No reasonable expectation of privacy’ is a warning placed by the government on the website. It is not prominent but it can be found. What they are saying is that the government can use any information you put on the site at any time they want. HIPPA laws are gone as a result of this presidential overreach. This alone is abusive.

The lack of security on the site is evident. One of the subsidiaries on, according to Experian, recently attempted to sell social security numbers to Vietnam.

During the testimony today, Anna Eshood (D-CA) was very annoyed by the phony excuse being used about there being too much traffic or volume. There were only 2,000 people on the site during crashes.

New Jersey Democrat Pallone called the committee a ‘monkey court’ as he tried to defend the mess.

John Barrasso (R-WY) is very upset about the waste of money and wants Sebelius to resign. Barrasso said the government went ahead with the non-working site because the President said it would start on time, Oct. 1st.

He added that there are fundamental flaws with Obamacare in terms of costs, providers and so on.

Kathleen Sebelius is still too busy going to dinners to testify and canceled her testimony today. She had a dinner last night and just couldn’t make it to Congress today because she was flying to Arizona to look at a call center. She is too busy to tell the American people what is going on. She will allegedly testify next week.

The Obama administration wouldn’t even tell the Democratic members of Congress what is going on. The White House held a meeting with Democrats to discuss the Obamacare mess but they banned Republicans from attending. They revealed nothing as it turns out.

A new Fox poll shows that 60% of Americans think the Obamacare rollout is a joke and only 31% think it is going okay.

I saw my surgeon today who said it’s too late to save our healthcare system. She said there is no going back. It’s over. We will end up as Single Payer.

She worked in Canada under Single Payer and she said it’s a disaster.

She said the local hospitals are impossible to deal with now. Everything is being put on doctors, even errors by nurses. She said it is pitting nurses against doctors and her once wonderful relationship with the nurses is going downhill quickly. She added that local doctors are trying to sell their practices because they see the handwriting on the wall.

The last thing she said left me speechless. The local hospitals are sending medical records to Pakistan for recording and storage.

I guess the government geniuses feel doctors aren’t sued enough and aren’t paying enough for malpractice. She warned me that I will be shocked when I next have to fill out forms and they want to know all about my sex life.

President Obama is taking this all so seriously that he is giving speeches today on immigration reform – something else he can screw up. A Fox poll found that 65% of the American people believe it unlikely the borders will be secured first and another 24% say it is very unlikely. Only 5% think it likely.