Here Are Three of the Criminal Aliens Being Released Into Our Neighborhoods


According to a Texas Department of Safety report, in five-and-a-half years, there were more than 600,000 criminal charges against illegal aliens. That’s only Texas. It’s playing out in states all over the nation.

So, while ICE celebrated the apprehension of its 300th criminal illegal alien in fiscal year 2015 yesterday (out of millions that should be deported), they were simultaneously releasing animals like the following into our community.

Is our immigration system broken? You bet! But it has nothing to do with the law, only its enforcement.

Sheriff Paul Babeu held a press conference today to announce an ICE release of 3 violent criminal illegals into Arizona. The three criminal illegals have been charged, convicted and sentenced to crimes including kidnapping, aggravated assault and murder. Instead of being deported back to their country of origin, ICE is releasing these violent criminal illegals into Arizona.

Babeu spoke with loved ones of the victims at his side.

Sheriff Babeau

A Russian national set a police informant on fire. An Iraqi killed his two-year old daughter. An illegal from Sudan has committed multiple assaults in two states.

These are the kind of people the administration and the Democrats want in our neighborhoods.


“You don’t have to be a sheriff to realize that this is going to end very badly for people,” Babeu said. “You don’t release murderers into the state of Arizona and somehow think that they are just going to go about their business and try to find a job.”

These people should at least be deported when they’ve finished their sentences, especially if they are violent.

From Fox News:

-Musa Salah Abdelaziz Abdalla, 34, of Sudan, who has had multiple arrests for assault in Texas and Arizona. Abdalla violated probation three times and was sentenced to 13 months in prison in June 2014. Last month, he was released from prison and turned over to ICE officials, who then released him into the public on the same day claiming they could not locate travel documents proving his citizenship in Sudan.

-Dennis Valerievitch Tsoukanov, 33, of Russia, who along with two accomplices, kidnapped, beat and stabbed a police informant before pouring gasoline on him and setting him on fire in 2001. After testifying against his accomplices, he was given a 13-year sentence. Tsoukanov was released on Dec. 21, 2014, and turned over to ICE. He was released last month after ICE once again could not locate his travel documents.

– Nasser Hanna Hermez, 46, of Iraq, was charged with second-degree murder of his 7-week-old daughter in 2009. He pleaded guilty to negligent homicide and received a six-month prison sentence and three years’ probation. He was arrested in April for burglary, and sentenced to another two years’ probation. ICE released Hermez, citing his status as a legal permanent resident.

That’s only a snapshot. We have more than 360,000 criminal illegals in the United States – that we know about.

We can’t say the system is broken when we don’t follow the one we have. Senator Sessions said Monday on The Kelly File that Barack Obama is flat-out refusing to follow immigration laws that have been on the books for decades.

h/t bolo, our man at the border


  1. As an American citizen and a veteran of many U. S. prisons, I can tell you that our pens are chock full of these monsters and they spend most of their days bragging to their co-horts that they’ll be out soon thanks to Obamas flat out refusal to obey the immigration laws that are in effect today. If you’re American and have any type of hold from any agency, you can be sure that the powers that be won’t release you, you’ll stay in jail until your legal status is complete. How these illegal, violent offenders can skate right out with no supervision is beyond me, this country is screwing itself doing things in this manner because these folks will commit more heinous offenses and the public will be at risk.

  2. I can see giving non violet prisoners early release the first affense but to free hardened criminals is be on me…Obama needs to get these illegals Bach to where they belong..if they are released they should automatically agree to be deported back to their country and if they return then they should have life….God help our country…

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