Here Come the Drones With No Privacy Rules


U.S. Airspace has been opened up to drones thanks to a new law. The drones will be used for law enforcement, to monitor traffic, for search and rescue and to track suspects. At least, that’s the plan.

The problem is there are absolutely no privacy rules in place. It is one more bill passed without the proper safeguards. Laws like this should not be passed without first assuring the guarantees afforded us by our constitution.

What is to stop them from using information they gather that is outside the purview of their guidelines while conducting their limited surveillance? The answer is nothing will stop them because there are no laws in place to protect our rights.

This type of power is going to be abused. It’s inevitable.

“Right now, under current U.S. laws there are very few restrictions on our ability to take pictures or videos of individuals outside,” Harley Geiger, an attorney with the Center for Democracy and Technology in Washington, D.C., told Discovery News.

“Some of the privacy issues that we see with drones are very different than the sort of surveillance that can be conducted with a helicopter,” he continued. “Drones can quietly watch an entire town without refueling. It can conduct a pervasive and secret surveillance that helicopters cannot match.

“You can’t avoid it if you’re outside unless you take cover. People don’t want to be on YouTube whenever they go outside,” he added.

“We are saying that there needs to be privacy and transparency rules for its use. Otherwise the American people are going to enter a rather dark period in terms of physical surveillance,” he said. Read more: Newsroom America