Here Comes Universal Pre-K, the Unaffordable Gov. Brainwashing Program


Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio are in a heated battle over how to pay for Universal pre-K for the poor. De Blasio wants to tax the NYC rich and use state money. Cuomo wants to use his money so it will cost nothing, he claims falsely. Cuomo doesn’t have any money to pay for this and has to use state taxpayer money. That little fact seems to have evaded him.

The program they are talking about will be an expensive government-run day-care with the government raising the costs of the program because, as middle men, they will need to get paid.

Common Core for pre-K is already in the works which will enable government propaganda at the earliest levels.

the bobsey thugs

The pre-K won’t require the parent or parents to be employed to qualify. It will simply be a freebie.

Head Start which does the same thing has not worked. It can’t even be killed, check out this article on American Thinker or this one on the Wall Street Journal or go to You can always go to the NY Daily News.

If liberal programs don’t work, liberals do more of them to solve the problem.

Sandanista Bill wants to raise the taxes on the rich who make $500,000 a year to pay for it. That will work until they move or find a way out. He also wants state taxpayers to pay some of the freight.

Cuomo wants to balance the budget, mostly on the backs of the rich and residents of suburban Long Island, and wants to cut somewhere else to pay for it. He is pretending it’s government money and not taxpayer money.

Leftists never met a tax bill they didn’t love.

Listen to Sean Hannity discuss the high taxation in NY and his goal of moving out:

Full story at the NY Daily News.