Here’s How We Lose Our Gun Rights



The movement to ban guns is closing in from a number of directions and we will lose our gun rights if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency.

Chelsea Clinton sees a real opportunity for “smart gun control” with Justice Scalia gone. She said her mom is the only one who has a strong stand on it. She blamed Sandy Hook on guns and legal gun owners as all the radical gun grabbers do.

Recently, the Sentinel reported that a Federal judge has allowed a lawsuit to proceed that would make gun manufacturers responsible for the actions of the maniac who killed the children and staff in Sandy Hook. It’s absurd of course. It’s like blaming the car for a drunk driver.

The Associated Press reported that among a list of seven measures, the California state legislature’s Senate Public Safety committee proposed a ban on ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.

It will ban the most common firearm pistols in the state.

Guns that will be taken out of the market will be the Glock 19, Glock 17, 9 mm or .357 full size and compact Sig Sauer P250, Ruger SR40, as well as various Beretta pistols.

People are just accepting this like a bunch of sheep.


  1. Obama has been the best firearm salesman ever, if Hillary gets the whitehouse she will out sell him like anything you have ever seen, gun sales will go through the roof the day she gets elected, time to invest in S&W, Ruger, COLT AND THE REST!!!!

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