Here’s What’s Happening At Obama’s Campaign Headquarters on Wall Street



Nancy Pelosi thinks highly of the occupiers of Wall Street. She said that God should bless them. She also thinks they’re focused, I guess they are compared to her.



The Antithesis of the Occupiers of Wall Street


Nancy Pelosi is frightened of flag waving Americans who love the Constitution like the scary people pictured above.



Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin, who likes to call his daughter a thoughtless little pig, supports occupy Wall Street. Here’s one tweet.
Alec Baldwin
“@stacyherbert: @AlecBaldwin As future Mayor of NYC, any comments on #occupywallstreet? Stiffer penalties for white collar crime!!


Here’s Alec doing a commercial for, and forgive me for using the words, a corporation, a bank, a frackin’ bailed out bank.

So far, the real thoughtless little pigs on Wall Street have cost NYC over 2.2 million dollars. I was there on day 1 and the protesters, not shy about proclaiming their desire to destroy capitalism and overthrow the government, have admitted to receiving funding and backing from Daily Kos, Media Matters,, Brookfield Properties, the National Lawyers Guild (commies), and SEIU.



Laurence Fink, As Wall Street As It Gets

Larry Fink, CEO of Black Rock Inc. came out in full support of the occupiers of Wall St. “The protesting is a statement the future is very clouded for a lot of people,” Fink, 58, said yesterday during an event in Toronto. “These are not lazy people sitting around looking for something to do. We have people losing hope and they’re going into the street, whether it’s justified or not.” He continued with this dribble, likely because he is a BIG, HUGE, like MEGA Obama donor.. He is the CEO of the biggest multinational asset management firm in the world and, as such, he is Mr. Wall Street. Need I point out the irony of that?



Mary Kay, Not the Makeup CEO

SEIU President Mary Kay Henry supports the occupiers (no kidding, she helped get it off the ground). Here’s her memo:

“The brave students, workers, and unemployed Americans occupying Wall Street have shaken the conscience of our nation. The crowds and demonstrations will only get larger and louder as more Americans find the courage inside themselves to stand up and demand Wall Street CEOs and millionaires pay their fair share to create good jobs now.

“The 2.1 million nurses, janitors, school bus drivers and other members of the Service Employees International Union have a message to those on Wall Street today–We’ve got your back, we will join you in the streets, and we will not let up until we bring good jobs back to our communities.

“Wall Street CEOs not only crashed our economy and demanded billions in taxpayer-bailouts–they destroyed the jobs and livelihoods and took the homes of millions of Americans. It’s time to force Wall Street to pay for the jobs our country desperately needs.

“We have work that needs doing in this country and millions of Americans looking for full-time work. It’s time to put the two together to make America a stronger nation. And it’s time to use the money being made on Wall Street and in corporate boardrooms across the country to put America back to work.

“We can put millions of Americans back to work right now by passing the American Jobs Act. We can immediately put Americans to work rebuilding our outdated and dangerous roads and bridges and ensuring our kids have first-class schools to learn in. And we can invest in our communities to keep teachers in our classrooms, police on the beat, healthcare workers at our hospitals and clinics, and ensure that we have enough firefighters to protect our communities.”