Herman Cain Is Not A Typical Black, So He Must Be A Racist


Dr. Boyce Watkins, appeared on MSLSD radio, and after misquoting and insulting Herman Cain, he came up with his most ridiculous and hateful statement of all.

He said, “Herman Cain has become, in many ways, the perfect racist. America lives under the interesting premise that a racist can’t be Black. That’s like believing that a man can’t hate his sibling, or that a woman can’t advocate for a man to beat his wife (as Whoopi did to Oprah in “The Color Purple”). The truth is that racism is typically most effective when you put a Black face on it, and Herman Cain has volunteered to become the cute little political puppet which allows white America to say the things that they are afraid to say.”

Dr. Watkins is the racist. Watkins is really saying to Mr. Cain, you don’t speak or think like a typical, stereotypical Black so you must be a racist.  It’s racism for Watkins to expect an entire race of people to behave in some stereotypical way.

Prior to this, Watkins accused Mr. Cain of saying “…inequality exists because Black people are either naturally, culturally or strategically inferior to whites, which is the convenient explanation taught to us in White Supremacy 101…” Mr. Cain a white supremacist now? Cain never said any of that.

As a successful Black man, Cain does not believe color needs to hold people back. He said, “Blame yourselves.” That is my view as well. I was the only woman in a man’s world and had to overcome stereotypes, but I worked harder than the men and became successful. That’s all he is saying – rise above it.

Another complaint from Watkins is that Cain didn’t march with Martin Luther King Jr. in 1963. So what? Since when is this a prerequisite? Lots of Blacks didn’t march with MLK Jr. The Blacks who marched with MLK Jr. were fine, but the Whites, not so much. The Whites were thuggish union leaders and commies. I know, because I was there.

Mr. Cain is not against Black people because he tells them to rise above what they have been told and to take responsibility. I say it to my kids all the time. Does that mean I hate children?