Hey, Obama Doesn’t Need A SuperPac When He Has Me – $3 At A Time


Just yesterday, First Lady, Michelle Obama, emailed me and said she needed $3 and now, today, her husband needs $3. I emailed back and suggested they take it out of my “voluntary” federal tax donations.

Hey, Mr. President, there is something a little chintzy about your squeezing the last $3 from people when you receive tens of millions every month from a Super Pac and your massive fundraising with tax payer money.

Here’s the email, which I look forward to receiving of course, and I do get them often, sometimes 10 a day –

Hey [what’s with the “Hey” stuff? He’s the President.]

From: Barack Obama <info@barackobama.com>
Add to: To Do, Calendar
Date: Sat, Mar 31, 2012

Friend –I need you with me on this one.Tonight’s deadline is our biggest yet, and I need everyone pitching in.Give $3 or whatever you can:

[this is where his email address is listed]

Let’s go,