HHS Received the Most Stimulus Funds


I just heard a liberal talking head on TV announcing that healthcare costs have not had the steep increases of other expenditures – they’ve increased but not as rapidly. What the lefty left out was the fact that we are subsidizing much of it.

The Obamacare monstrosity will be the most costly of our entitlement programs and HHS will be the most expensive department. Clearly, if we cannot afford what we have now, this is most definitely unsustainable.

From Washington Examiner:The Department of Heath and Human Services has paid out $115,911,817,301 in stimulus funds according to a year end report by Recovery.org.

According to Recovery.org, the HHS’s biggest expenditure was $85,958,496,780 in state grants for Medicaid.

Other expenditures included multiple grants for income security, social services, and research.

The report notes that the Department of Education is second, spending $89,676,414,497 and the Department of Labor spent $65,585,961,509.

The total funds paid out by all federal agencies is $438,201,965,251.