HHS Releases Info on Erratic Rate Increases of As Much As 305%



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People might want to read an article in Forbes, titled, Double Down: Obamacare Will Increase Avg. Individual-Market Insurance Premiums By 99% For Men, 62% For Women.

The data in the article comes from HHS itself but without the inaccurate double talk that accompanied the HHS posting on their site. HHS likes to put a happy face on everything they do even if they have to misrepresent the facts to do it.

The Manhattan Institute analyzed the HHS figures and found that younger men would pay insurance rates at an average rate of 97% to 99% higher than they do now. Younger women would average rates 55% to 62% higher.

Well, they voted for him.

In North Carolina, rates triple. Thirteen states, largely blue states, experience an average 24% increase according to a previous Forbes article.

The 15-page report released by HHS sheds new light on the premiums we will all be paying. HHS’ report is incomplete and does not compare rates to what they were pre-Obamacare, they do compare their rates with hypothetical imaginary numbers.

The Forbes report compares the cheapest plans because that is all HHS is releasing – so much for transparency. Forbes’ comparison is with real-world figures.

Forbes has an interactive chart which can be found here that looks at the limited information on rates made available by HHS.

Obamacare equalizes the rates for men and women but that means a huge increase for men since women use the healthcare system more for things like birth control, pregnancy and so on. Men now have to pay for that.

People 27-years will face increases as high as 279%. The average is 97% for men and 55% for women. Nebraska is the worst off with an increase of 279% for men and 227% for women, triple the old rate. Colorado had declines of 36% because they paid so much before.

The liberal states fared best on comparison but only because they were paying exorbitant rates prior to Obamacare.

People 40-years of age will face rate increases by as much as 305%. The cheapest plan will cost an average of 99% more for men and 62% for women. North Carolina had the worst rate increases of 305%. Women got hammered in Nebraska with rates going up as much as 237%.

These rates don’t take subsidies into account, but who is going to pay for these subsidies? It comes out of a different pocket but it must come from taxpayers. The people who will pay includes the middle class and they will pay dearly. Subsidies, based on an arbitrary cut-off, protect only some people and put an unfair, increased burden on others.

People with average incomes will pay more under Obamacare than under the old system which all can agree needed improvement.

In the 13 states plus DC which are shown in the chart, a 27-year old would have to make 59% of the median income of his peers or less to come out ahead with premiums and 40-year olds would have to make less than 57%. People 64 years who make less than 111% of the median income will fare better and spend less.

Subsidies won’t counteract the degree to which Obamacare drives up premiums. Obamacare makes insurance less affordable. The Obama administration knows this, which is why they gave misleading information on their site, which is being exposed by Forbes.

This is our new social justice healthcare system and there is nothing fair or just about it.

In the following video, Barack Obama promises a decrease in rates of 3000%: