Highlights from Secretary Clinton’s Staged Testimony on Benghazi



Hillary Clinton said she was responsible for the failures of the State Department’s handling of Benghazi – sort of. She claimed that State didn’t have enough funding [blaming Republicans in the House though that has been disproven].

She said she has 70,000 employees and there was the fog of war.

The worst excuse was that she never read any of the cables from Benghazi. At one point she said the blame rests with the Assistant Secretary on down.

While there was a scathing report about the systemic problems at the State Department, no one in our government was held accountable. There was a pretense of firing people and that never happened:

No attackers were held accountable though President Obama promised to hunt them down:

President Obama promised to relentlessly pursue the attackers:

In fact, the one suspect has been released by Tunisia and another attacker gave an interview to the New York Times in a cafe in Benghazi.

Hillary Clinton said during the hearing on Benghazi today that she was not consulted about Susan Rice’s appearances on the Sunday News Shows.

Susan Rice said she went on the shows because Secretary Clinton was tired:

Hillary Clinton choked up today about Benghazi:

Tyrone Woods’ father said this:

Al Qaeda has been decimated:

Hillary Clinton said today that there is a new threat by al Qaeda.

When asked why they didn’t know over the course of ten hours that our personnel needed help when it was obvious within hours, Hillary Clinton said that it doesn’t matter now:

Charles Woods: they refused to save my son: